CPA in Tacoma area with experience in REI

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@James Hampson

I read through a couple of your other posts. 
You mention wanting an Airbnb outside of WA.

You likely want to work with an accountant who is family with STR taxation along with multi-state taxation.
Good luck in your search for a CPA.

Furthermore, the state you live in WA, has no state income tax, so you are free to look for a CPA anywhere in the country.

There are a couple of CPA's on the message board. feel free to reach out to a couple and pick one that you feel connected with.

@James Hampson

Sorry James don't want to get your hopes up but wanted to join your search for CPA. So I am in Gig Harbor and am looking for a CPA.

Have you heard of wealthability? The main dudes name is Tom Wheelright. I highly recommend you read his book Tax Free Wealth. Any ways you can do a free consultation. They charge about four grand but it comes with a bunch of stuff one on one meetings and rhey help you structure yout llc for real estate. Hope tnia helps.

I am in Gig Harbor so if you need any construction services hit me up.

Don't be afraid to go non-local. You will expose yourself to a wider pool of expertise which is critical for real estate investors.

Many of us service clients all over the US. We utilize various forms of technology to collaborate seamlessly with our clients and rarely have issues.

Thanks for the reply’s, I’ll take a look at those. Some reason never thought about CPA’s that weren’t in the area. I’ll try to research a bit more on the topic!