Is Anyone Using the BRRR Method in Calgary AB, Canada?

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Anyone successfully doing BRRR methods in Calgary AB, Canada in the last couple years? It would be amazing if you have examples of what you did. What area, what the purchase price was, how much it appraised for, before and after pictures.

@Angus Ho Hey Angus. How'd those BRRRR's workout for you? I'm really curious to know the numbers. I'm currently looking into trying to do a BRRRR out in Calgary (my business partner is from there). Currently looking at forest lawn and ogden.

@Patrick Bobczynski

Depends on the lender.

lots of lenders won't do rental refis at all anymore, some will only do up to 65-75% LTV.

it is worth shopping around to see which lender will let you maximize the rental income to debt service the application.

CMLS has a great program to help eliminate the other rentals from debt servicing.

@Connor Kelly I don't quite have any numbers for you. I saw this house in Huntington Hills for $320,000. Will need 50k+ worth of work and I was hoping to Refi at $420. My suggestion is to find houses in Ogden. That area has much better renters