Wealth accelerator system- Ron Phillips or Brandon Rooks

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Hello BP nation-

These folks have been emailing information touting turnkey real estate all over the south and Midwest with a 200 to 400% ROI. I can't actually find anyone that has worked with them. They are based in Lehi, Utah (my home state). I've 2 friends that are considering becoming "members" despite my warnings of those unrealistic claims. Perhaps someone can prove me wrong? Thanks ahead of time.


Tell your friends to ask for local references and try to find ones the company doesn't recommend. Also, an Internet search works great to get the investigation going.

Good luck


Disclosure: V.P. of National Sales


Our office is currently located at 2975 W. Executive Parkway in Thanksgiving Point.  Suite 137. We are the building closest to the Frontrunner station and the only building with a Copper Roof.  I have MULTIPLE local clients that would be more than willing to talk with you about their experience with our Company over the past several years. 

We are Licensed Real Estate Brokers & Agents and the 200% to 400% returns you mention, depend on the investment and total time you hold it. Those types of returns are generally from the Ready to Build Lots we offered in multiple areas of the country. You may also see a total of 200 to 400 % Returns on a Turnkey Rental Property that you hold for 5, 10, 15 or more years.  

Our average annual Cash Flow on our properties hovers between 15 - 30% depending on the type property you choose to acquire and which category that property fits into. 

It is typical for the MAJORITY of the population to immediately throw out the "It's a Scam" remarks or replies. It is always BEST to get the information first hand and learn why 95% of that MAJORITY Population will retire BROKE or dependent on Government, Friends & Family, Welfare or Social Security.  Look around you the next time you walk into a Retail Outlet, Fast Food Restaurant or Big Box Chain .... the age of the employees is astonishing. ( And I do not mean they are YOUNG )  

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Thanks for your post.  I'm the CEO of W.A.S.  You are a good friend to assist your friends in finding out about my company.  There are way too many scams out there.  We are real people with real properties which produce cash-flow for our clients.  We don't charge our clients a dime for our services.  We are Brokers and Agents who make a commission or referral fee. 

 I'm not sure where the numbers you quoted came from.  We are conservative with our projections, however, if you look at a 30 year projection the numbers can look like what you cite.  We sell mostly newer or new properties with tenants in place which are professionally managed and we have many clients locally/nationally who can attest to who we are and that our properties perform.  We welcome anyone to call or stop by our office anytime.  We would be happy to meet you and show you what we do.

Ron Phillips

Wealth Accelerator System - 801-990-5109 

2975 W Executive Pkwy, Ste 137

Lehi, UT 84043

I have friends who have worked with them and have been happy with the service they provide. I plan on contacting them soon to help me evaluate options for my first deal. 

Hi Adam, can you post back on here any findings/research you have come across regarding this company?

@Adam Meese I'm curious to know if you moved forward with investing with Ron, and, if so, what your experience has been so far.

(@Russell Pitts Tagging you since you asked the same thing a few months ago. Not sure that Adam got your message since he wasn't @ mentioned.)

I would be very careful investing with this group.  I have purchased 2 properties through them.  One was a new construction townhouse that has performed well.  The other property I purchased is a nightmare.  It was rehabbed by a Mark Edmondson and has required costly repairs from day one, not to mention that it sat vacant for months because the promised tenant never materialized.  Maybe I just got unlucky on this one.  Out of six rental units I own, this is by far the worst experience I have had and the costs of this one property are crushing my returns on the rest of my portfolio.  

I have invested with them and have been very pleased.  The ROIs that the OP quoted have to be the 30 year ROIs.  No where was I ever promised or told my returns would be that high.  Also, there's not a way to become a "member" (at least that I know about).  They are agents and brokers helping people buy investment properties.  They work off of commissions.  

I know one of the agents flew out to Indy a year or two ago when some of her clients were complaining to her about the PM they were using there.  She went out there to figure things out for her clients and I believe she did (I assume she found a new PM - I don't know though).

No company is perfect but I felt like the agent I worked with was willing to bend over backwards to make me (and her other clients) happy and satisfied.  I would invest with them again in the future.