Kris Krohn - Is This Mentor Full of it or Legit?

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Aside from googling I haven't heard of him.  IMO you can get the same information for free from this website, maybe buy a couple RE books for $100 total investment would give the same information.

This review is interesting, I don't see a need to buy anything of his though:

It’s all about what you pull from the person. You can find plenty of people willing to share information for free. I once went to a meetup, cost $10, the gentleman that spoke was a product of gurus and did well for himself. My partner and I have never spent a cent on gurus. We connected with the gentleman who spoke and using some of the things he spoke about we made a lot of money. Gurus can help but ultimately it comes down to how motivated you are. We spent about a year spinning our wheels, and then it snowballed.

These questions are simple. Look at what they charge and then go from there. If it’s 1-3k and you get actual access to them and not some “student”, then maybe it’s worth it.

If it’s 10k or more it’s never worth it.

Sorry, I haven’t responded but they told me they want you to have about 50k to invest and 8k about to do one deal or 20k to do unlimited deals( these cost you pay is to get access to their team).

I’ll save you thirty grand on gurus ...

Work hard and achieve your dreams

Buy low and sell high

Buy ugliest house in the best neighborhood

Believe in yourself

Take action

@Daniel Martinez thanks for feedback. That sounds like a decent deal to get unlimited access to Kris’s team for one time 20K payment and they bring deals over. Please share if you decide to invest with him. Wondering if they live up to their YouTube videos stating that they help run the operations for investors and provide close to 12% ROI.

Hi I'm new here. I was wondering about Kris Krohn and his team and figuring out how to start investing and would love some insight, a team in place who can help me. any leads would be great

A "guru" usually has the correct information for the most part.  It is just like a teacher in a school.  They can give you information but it is what you do with it that matters.  I have no idea if this guy is good or not, but it doesn't matter.  You can make it in this business with out any 'guru' no matter how legit or not.

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Any body can refer me to an excellent RE mentor?

@Daniel Martinez

No, you have to find one on your own. Want a mentor? Prove it. Do the work to find one. 

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Any body can refer me to an excellent RE mentor?

@Daniel Martinez

No, you have to find one on your own. Want a mentor? Prove it. Do the work to find one. 

He is putting in the work to find a mentor, he's on BP asking. If anyone goes to a "guro" looking for a mentor you talk about them and if anyone goes on BP looking you talk about them. If your looking for a REI mentor go to your local meetings or look on Craigslist I hope you succeed . There's enough to go around for us ALL, sometimes we forget that!!!!

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Any body can refer me to an excellent RE mentor?

@Daniel Martinez

No, you have to find one on your own. Want a mentor? Prove it. Do the work to find one. 

He is putting in the work to find a mentor, he's on BP asking. If anyone goes to a "guro" looking for a mentor you talk about them and if anyone goes on BP looking you talk about them. If your looking for a REI mentor go to your local meetings or look on Craigslist I hope you succeed . There's enough to go around for us ALL, sometimes we forget that!!!!

 Asking for a mentor is no more work than asking to win the lottery. 

Going to those meetings to find a mentor, now that's putting in the work

So.  there are so many posts here that I disagree with both in favor of and opposed to mentors/coaches/gurus that I don't know where to start so forgive the rant.  First, if someone is "introducing you to their network" that is not a coach.  Promising to introduce you to people presupposes that there is some underground river that once you hop in, its all smooth sailing.  Second, mentors are nothing like the lottery.  A valuable mentor can leverage years of experience and avoid the expense of learning the hard way.  I suppose I could have taught myself the law but it sure helped going to law school instead.  Third.  The biggest challenge is that the person hiring the mentor or coach does not have clarity on what they want and even worse, they don't know what they expect.  My best way of describing the value of a coach is below:

A Thought Experiment

Imagine two men are stranded on a desert island. One is on one side, the other is on the other and they have no knowledge of the other's existence. Both are left with all the supplies they need and both have access to an airplane. Neither have any idea how to fly. Both want to get off the island.

After some days or weeks or months, both men get in their respective planes. They stare at the buttons, switches and lights. They contemplate what taking off would be like. They imagine themselves pilots. Still, neither has ever flown a plane, neither is a pilot.

One of them carefully looks through and tinkers with every component. He analyzes, and analyzes and analyzes. He thinks about it day and night but dares not to actually take off knowing that the universe of things he does not know is vast and his failure while not certain is at least probable.

The other castaway finds something that his counterpart didn't. He finds a telephone. The telephone only dials one number but that number is to a pilot. The pilot and the castaway talk about every component of flying, about operating the plane, about landing, about dealing with the unexpected. They discuss what it would be like to take off, to land, to get where he is trying to go. They try to game-plan as many scenarios as possible. In the end, the pilot tells him "you'll be flying this plane but I'll be there with you"

Eventually both castaways decide to go for it.

Which plane would you prefer to be on?

I have been watching Kris on YouTube for sometime now. Here is my assessment. 

His story

At a young age -and despite having several siblings- he felt impressed that he was going to need to take care of his parents when they were older, so he went forward with that mission in mind. He went to BYU with the intention of becoming a doctor, but did poorly in chemistry which would be required as a prerequisite for medical school. He was married and struggling to make ends meet. Krohn often sites an experience where he came home one night and his wife mentioned to him that they didn't have enough money for groceries for her and their new child. This was all amidst conversations of divorce with his wife. Realizing that he wasn't going to make it in the medical field he sought out alternative careers. 

Kris listened to the advice of someone several steps ahead of him life (who I think belonged to the same church as him). This 'mentor' suggested that he continue working his crappy day job in a call center all the while being a full time student. The reason for this advice was so he could qualify for a home loan. This is good advice for many. One day while driving he randomly saw a 'for sale' sign on a home. Again feeling inspire he went forward knowing that he needed to purchase that home, which he did. Kris tells the story about how he grabbed a clip board he had lying in his car and walked up to the door not knowing anything about purchasing a home.

The grumpy old lady selling the home gave him a tour of the place and after walking through he made an offer for a few thousand dollars below the asking price. The lady declined sternly, at which point Kris said he would purchase the home at asking price. It was convenient for him because asking price was below market value and the home had a basement apartment, which he rented out after purchasing. The renter paid for his mortgage and he was essentially able to live in the house for free. 

From there he basically went from one door to four in the space of a couple of years, mainly to due to a combination of house hacking, saving and home equity line of credits. After seeing the type of returns he was getting in real estate his father in-law decided to make him a partner and (through private money) he was able to be the owner of ~25 properties. Once he reached this point he no longer needed to work a 9-5 to provide for his family. 

He retired at 26 (one year out of college) and after a spending sometime traveling he decided that a life without fulfilling work was a life without purpose. Kris now has a strong desire to teach other people how to become financially free through win-wins in real estate. He feels like the best way to do this is with rent-to-owns. He feels emotionally attached to people who have had to hustle for a few years working a crappy job and building up credit because that is what he did. Rent-to-own is great because it mean the person selling the house can charge more and not have to pay for a property manager, plus the buyer can get a home before they have a good enough credit score and/or the money for a down payment. Win-win's are important to Krohn and he feels that an ethical business must include this type of win-win to be worth while.

Through the use of private money, and rent-to-owns, he has built a real estate empire of hundreds of single family properties and he is working to make limitless a billion dollar business.

How he makes money

Aside from the rent-to-own properties, he is constantly selling and renting. He also has a course about how to acquire private money. He is very qualified to teach this as he actually did it. He is well beyond the standard allowable conventional loan limit and uses the best means possible (private money) to continue to fund his single family real estate investments in several markets around the United States, some for cash flow and others for appreciation. 

Krohn is also a motivation speaker and often filters people towards his Limitless conference, in Utah. I watched an hour of one of his speeches from that conference last night. It definitely is more mind set than it is real estate investing tips, but it was never commercialized as such. Krohn truly is a business man and actually purchased the conference center that he speaks in. This saves him quite a bit on conference fees, and helps him generate even more passive revenue for anyone else looking to use the conference center at other times of the year. Kris is actually quite inspiring and has a few pretty cool stories, like when he saved his sister from a rip tide in the ocean. 

Kris is a part of at least one MLM, but that doesn't seem to be his main source of revenue. I have never actually heard which MLM he is a part of because he doesn't mention it nearly at all. It seems Kris cares far more about helping people have mental shifts and re-framing negative situations than he does spamming relatives on social media about why they need to be apart of his down line. From what I can see MLM's are insignificant compared to his passion with real estate and key note speaking. 

My bias opinion

Kris is awesome! Sometimes I listen to him on Youtube just so I can have a better day. I would love to work with him in anything he does because he has the highest amount of integrity and he honestly seeks to improve everyone's life that he comes in contact with. He has a work ethic and a go and do attitude. This guy is going places! Kris will raise other people up with him as he grows.

He will often invite people to pay for a course or attend a conference, but I am not opposed to this. I think he provides value to the people he teaches, not only that but from my experience I have seen that unless people have some skin in the game (paying money) they don't take the knowledge they learn seriously. 

If you are someone starting out, maybe in college or high school, Kris will be the best thing to ever happen to you. If you are someone with a few properties under your belt seeking for more real estate specific knowledge some of the books on bigger pockets might be a more economical way to obtain real estate specific knowledge. 

Regarding youtube videos, I would say Phil Pustejovsky technically has more real estate specific knowledge he is giving away for free online than Kris does. If I had to chose who to be mentored from regarding property management or house flipping I would probably pick Phil, just because he has been deeper in the trenches. 

Kris has mostly just hired other experts to deal with the day-to-day tasks so he can focus more on the high level stuff, which may be why he will have a larger net worth than Phil.

If I had to pick who I would give my money to as an investor I would pick Kris 100%. Phil is looking for people who he can mentor and split profits with whereas Kris is just investing other peoples money in a proven system. 

Kris just isn't in the market of teaching people how to contact vacant property owners by looking them up on the county records. If that is what you want than you aren't looking in the right place. He is more in the market of getting people in rough spots in life into their first home or helping them reverse engineer there goals and then helping them achieve them.

Like anyone looking for a mentor, its important for a noobie to find someone you have common interests with and has a vision that you can support. Kris would be a great mentor for me, because we have common values and interests, but he may not be a good fit for others. Long story short you have to know where you are going before you ask someone else for directions. 

A good coach/mentor/guru and take years off of the learning curve. Sure, you can find a lot of what you need here on BP. You can find a lot of good info in books too. However, if you have limited experience, how do you even know what questions to ask to have someone here on BP answer them? If you do ask a good question, you get multiple replies. Most good, some not so good. However, that then leads to another question and another question and another question. How long will it take you to piece together the information you need to be successful? Certainly you can do it on your own, but time is money and the longer it takes you to learn it by 'just doing it' will cost you lots of time and perhaps thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. Ask me how I know!!! lol

Yes, I am biased as some people do consider me a guru. Not sure I agree with that title, especially after all the 'gurus' seem to get bashed on BP just because they provide a service/education to people for money. Next time you go to school, make sure you tell your HS teacher or college professor that you can learn everything they can teach you from a book and that what they're teaching is not worth the price of the class. Pick up an algebra or quantum physics book if you know nothing about algebra or quantum physics and let me know how long it takes you to figure out algebra or quatum physics on your own. That's exactly why you need a good teacher/educator/mentor/guru, whatever title you want to give them. Their years of experience will save you time, trouble and money in the long run. And yes, they get paid to shave years off your learning curve. Granted, this assumes they are good. Some have given us a bad name by charging outrageous fees, making outrageous claims and then providing didily squat information. Just check around like you are here on BP to find the good ones.

Disclosure: Client

here is my reply to this about Kris Krohn, for me I don't like many of them charging money for stuff, but when I can call or Text Kris about my deals and he answers thats big to me.  If it wasn't for his training, I wouldn't have done a fix n flip and made $70,000 in 6 weeks, but I also took action, which most won't.

Check it out at

First question to always ask is WHY is he trying to help you? We live in a selfish world. That is just reality. Do you really think he is just doing this out of the goodness of his heart? Is he doing it for money? I thought he makes good money doing the stuff he is teaching you? He does not need another source of income, especially not one that might negatively affect his supposed source of wealth.

If you truly believe he is trying to help, then what is his track record of helping? The rare type of person who likes to help others so much will have a track record of doing so. Case in point, I run a YouTube channel BUT LONG before YouTube I've been speaking for FREE to high school students in troubled areas. I have a TRACK RECORD of doing good an helping other.

If you want real advice, stop spending money on these no-name folks like Tai Lopez (did you know of him before his lambo vid? Do you know of him now?(what company has he founded that you hear about ANYWHERE other than his guru stuff?). Look for people who are KNOWN for DOING what they are teaching you. Look for major REAL COMPANIES that are KNOWN (which shows the founders KNOW what they are doing) and learn about the people behind the companies. How did Twitter, Instagram and many other companies get started? Look to THOSE folks, not these GHOSTS that nobody has ever heard of and STILL don't hear of beyond what they are peddling to you.

Fact of the matter is the REAL guru are WAY TOO busy DOING what lead them to their success to help you ESPECIALLY since they are probably smart enough to realize MOST of  you won't do what it takes to succeed. So all the time spent doing DVDs and seminars will lead to little success because most people don't have the discipline. So doing this stuff is VERY ineffective and a bad use of time UNLESS you are like me and helping others is a life purpose for you.

Also check their social media, if all you see is them promoting their guru programs, then you know THAT is all they are. If all they talk about is this stuff, then you know they not doing anything else.