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Hello Bigger Pocket members!!! I was trying to come up with my own Direct Mail letter that I can use to send to potential sellers and I was looking for some feedback with what I came up with. I appreciate any and all suggestions or pointers that I could use to make this letter even better. Thanks for all your help :) 

Dear Seller,

My name is Marc DuLaney. My wife and I are real estate investors who are interested in purchasing multi-family properties throughout the Columbus and Westerville areas that we can acquire for our retirement program and also for our kids future. We noticed that you own a property in the neighborhood that we would like to invest in, and I would be interested in speaking with you about the possibilities of buying your property at (property address).

We can offer a 20-25% down payment and are pre-approved for a loan. In addition, we are committed to finalizing the purchase within a reasonable closing date. Because of our budget, we are prepared to accept the sale "as is", unless there are any major repairs as determined by the inspector.

I know your time is valuable and we appreciate the consideration. Please give me a call so we can discuss some options as to how we could purchase your property.


Marc DuLaney

Hey Marc. I really like your letter. It's short and to the point without being so short that it sounds insensitive. Id be interested in keeping up with how your campaign goes.  Keep us posted and keep up the good

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