Has anyone heard of, or dealt with Marc Imhof.

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Has anyone heard of, or dealt with Marc Imhof. He advertises a Wholesaling coaching service on BP. I am just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with him. I have been looking for a Mentor but I am skeptical.

From the REIWeb Tools post (REIWeb Tools is synonymous with Marc Imhof):

#1 Marc Imhof is VERY accessible.
#2 Marc Imhof is VERY honest. He took over a half hour out of his day to talk with a guy (me) who had nothing but questions, doubts, etc...
#3 Marc Imhof is NOT pushy. He never even tried to get me to sign up for his program (I had already bought his 'Wholesaling for Cash" program). But he has several different hands on programs as well.

So, if you were thinking about his program and were hesitant because you weren't sure you could trust him, I can say with all sincerity, he is everything I said above and he truly cares about people. In fact he cares about people so much, he wants to make sure you really know what you're getting into BEFORE you spend any money. You can't go wrong with Marc Imhof.


Thanks for the reply. I actually have spoken to him as well since this post. I was very impressed with him. I have not signed up for his course but he spent an hour talking to me and answering questions. In the end he helped me decide actually not to sign up for his course until I actually had the time to invest. Again thank you for your response and let me know how his training helps you. I would be interested in that.


I have not spoke with Marc personally, I work on a team of one of the people that subscribe to REI Webtools and am impressed with the wealth of information that they provide. His information is useful and good and have generated some pretty good leads and strategies that I have employed and it seems to be working. I like his videos and from what I've see so far, I am impressed and will continue to use his system as well as other services.

Has he gone national

@David Not sure but he did seem to know a lot about Vegas.

Has anyone actually bought his wholesaling course? I spoke with someone from his team a few months ago, and he only spoke about getting other people on my team, making money from coaching them, and some expensive price tag for this program. I was just interested in the course. Not sure if one goes hand in hand with the other. I called his number a couple of days ago, and left a message. No response yet. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

@Julie; I no not know anyone that has bought.

Marcs program is one of the best Ive ever seen

The guy is solid ,,high integrity,,,

But if you get involved ,be ready to commit to time and task

Be ready to work,,,,DD

Name rings a bell, I have not read his stuff.

But I have a question, why would you consider paying big bucks that you can get for nothing or very little with a little effort?

Do you think there is some secret? Need motivation? Why?

Bill I'm a guy who would much rather get n a boxing or MMA ring and fight then climb on a roller coaster however I vividly remember being with my two sons at a theme park and my youngest son urging me to take him on a ride. It was impossible to say no where had I been alone I would have never had the experience.

I think a fair portion of a coaches job and why people need them is the push which comes with them.

Which is part of my point, getting a local mentor/coach that you can actually be with, get in the car, preview properties, sit down and write offers and contracts and attend closings. I would never be convinced that someone three states away are as effective as a good, successful, local arrangement.

Easier to show than to talk, that,s all. personal attention....

The above done on a IPad...I'm getting with it, LOL

It's hard to put up boot up someone messing up on the phone, I have done both, but for big bucks, shae a few deals, hands on doing and probably costs less....

Hello everyone:

Who ever respond to Marc Inhof  wholesaling program. I had conversation with his associate and he explain to me two program they offer.

1) sit home use their software and work with two buyer and seller side person they do all the foot work you get check after closing and 50% of the check you give to to two individual who work with you and at the end you give them 1099 for tax.

2) work with Marc and him pay $997.00 for Marc's software and monthly $97.00. They will couch you M-F and from your first deal they take 50%profit. Then every deal I keep.

My questions to all investor who bought the program is this the truth about what I am hearing from Marc's associate? Does their coaching program benefit to any one and generate any business as they described.

Please respond to me, I am lot in the woods and need help to start ASAP.

Thank you i advance for you help



I did buy his course and while I did like his program it was really only very good

at bringing in buyers and really lacked for getting sellers. Marc is a great guy and

his systems are very good but you still need to go after the sellers on your own.


Originally posted by @Jay Thackerson:

I did buy his course and while I did like his program it was really only very good

at bringing in buyers and really lacked for getting sellers. Marc is a great guy and

his systems are very good but you still need to go after the sellers on your own.

 A wholesaling system that only teaches you how to find buyers?  Not sure that's worth paying for.  I don't think I've ever met a wholesaler with a great deal who's had trouble finding buyers.

@J Scott is right, buyers are growing on trees right now.

Originally posted by @Russell Ponce:

@J Scott is right, buyers are growing on trees right now.

Russell is right, in my market there are a ton of rubes like me trying to throw money at any wholesaler, flipper, Hard money borrower, or JV with decent numbers: the complete opposite of 2009-2012 when everyone had a deal and no one had a buyer. I assume this is the same in Dallas and SF. Needless to say I think the market is overheated but who knows how long it can last.

@Steve B.  I can speak for Dallas...Buyers or "RUBES" as you called yourself come crawling out from under every rock, around every corner and in ever 2nd email message, if they even sniff the fact you might have a deal!!!

Sellers?  Now that's a different story.  They are like the myth of the chupacabra right now.  (Google that if you've never heard of it.

I was being facetious,  but I like jakalopes, chupaccabras, and Lygers.

Disclosure: Owner!

Originally posted by @DARMI PARIKH:

 Hi Darmi, just thought I'd post to correct some info there.  We do have a program that on the low side is 997 and 97 per month.  But what you describe about getting people to do 'all the footwork' for you is actually much more advanced than that.    In any business, you must develop a successful team that knows what they are doing or risk doing all the work yourself!  Our system enables you to do that better than doing it on your own and gives you tools for helping you build that aspect of your business.  But there are also folks that get going and choose not to build a business with teams...which is fine.  All the steps are the same to get you building momentum minus the team aspect.

Also...quick disclosure, I own the company you are asking about...so I'm answering here to sway you.   If you have more questions, be sure to request a call with me before making any decisions and I'll be sure you got it all straight and ready to go from day one.

Disclosure: Owner!

Originally posted by @Jay Thackerson:

 Hi Jay!  I just checked and saw you are getting into Target 3.  Great job, keep it going.  Quick reminder I'll be doing offer training with you as part of that target.  And also, remember there are a minimum ten property strategies you'll be setting up ( I think you are just doing 1 or 2 right now).   Once you are fully implemented, you'll have consistent inbound seller leads from multiple sources/niches.   Also, we'll be going over your direct mail campaign that we'll help you setup based upon your budget.  That will be your next big step once you see consistent contracts..so you can leverage all your marketing dollars by leveraging all your leads. Keep up the great work!

I have tried a lot of real estate programs trying to get my real estate dream of being a full time investor off the ground. I would sell a property every now and then. I would also have deals fall apart at closing.. Now that I have reiwebtools , team members, ready to buy cash buyers, lenders, my company is growing, I thank God for reiwebtools. and the imhof family. Mr. imhof is  very good at what he dose ,and he cares about your dream and you to reach your goal. Get his program or join my team


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