Looking for Agent recomendations in Rochester

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My wife and I are visiting Rochester in a week (on the 8th).  While I'm at my conference she is hoping to meet face to face with agents to select one and start the process of looking for rental properties in the area.  We're looking for recommendations and positive feedback to help us find a few agents to reach out to for a meeting.

Thanks in advance,

I’m a realtor for Keller Williams Realty, I’m on a team with 3 other agents 2 admin and a prospector who calls around to different neighborhoods everyday to find deals before they even hit the market. So not only will you have me at your disposal but my team as well give me a call we can set an appointment to go over your needs and wants and take it from there.

I use Warren Seeley with 'Howard Hannah' for my market purchase properties.  He also invests and has years of experience buying, selling, and market trends from growing up in the region. Good luck!

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