Looking For a Partner on a Potential Purchase(s) Albany, NY

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Hello! I haven't been too active on this forum lately being very busy with work and a few other projects I have going on. I just wanted to see if anyone is interested in partnering up with me on a rental property in Upstate New York. The reason I am looking for someone is two heads are always better then one. I have a lot of knowledge to offer, but this being my first purchase, I really want to learn from someone who has done this before and can show me the ropesWhat I offer is the financing, work ethic, and some construction experience to make sure if we need to rehab, we can do it for less cost instead of out sourcing it. Please feel free to shoot me a PM if this seems to interest you. Or if you have any ideas on how to get started, I have been looking for houses for over 2 years now and I really need to purchase one this year. 

@Darshan Patel You have definitely come to the right place. Bigger pockets is an amazing tool and community. I am not interested in partnering at the moment but welcome to the wonderful world of real estate investing and best of luck to you!

Just out of curiosity, what kind of deal are you looking for? Single-family or multi-family?  I'm not necessarily in a position to buy right at the moment but am certainly looking to potentially find another house this year.  I'd say find my second deal but honestly can't consider my current home a "deal".  I have family in the Albany area & wouldn't mind branching out, though.  I'm in the really upstate NY (Adirondacks, tri-lakes region). 😊.  

What type of property are you looking at? If you have solid financing and reserves I may be interested.. Give me a shout. 

Hey Mark, as of right now I am only looking at multi-family unit

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