Do realtors and agents work with renters looking for private landlords?

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We have decided we would try to rent from a private owner (say of a condo) instead of renting from a larger community of 400 apartments.

Since I take care of the property and am looking to rent over the long term, I am really interested in connecting with private landlords in Aliso Viejo.

However, posting ads on the internet and at grocery shops in the Aliso Viejo area we are looking to rent has got us EXACTLY 0 response!

Is working with realtors and agents even an option? Do realtors and agents work with renters looking for private landlords?

Yes, here many rentals are listed in the MLS, usually private owners that own from one to a few rentals.

Many private landlords post signs on the lawns of the properties for rent and advertise on craigslist... there are agents that cater to renters and some that are only interested in buyers / sellers. Try to get a recommendation for a good rental agent so that you won't waste your time with someone that won't put forth the effort of getting you what you want... Have you tried communicating directly with landlords renting SFR up to 4 units; by driving around neighborhoods that you would be interested in living or inquiring to for rent posts online? I certainly overstand your preference of renting in a duplex, triplex rather than 100+ unit. Maybe there's a landlord on BP with rental property in the area you're looking in....continue to network.



Craig's List is the place to go here. Search for keywords related to the things that are important to you. Here the MLS and Realtors are totally worthless for rentals but I know that's not the case everywhere. Be prepare to pay your agent the equivalent of 1 month's rent as a finders fee. Landlords typically don't pay it.

Daniel look for residential property management companies online on Google. They should have websites to go to where you can view their current inventory. You should be able to find a larger PM company in your area that has rentals.

Rentals for most agents on residential are a waste of time for them. A broker/agent can just as easily show 5 properties for sale to a buyer to make 10,000 commission versus doing the same thing with a renter but make only 1,000 on a lease agreement. So if you are going to do the same thing why not make ten times more money doing it??

I only do commercial real estate but know the residential business well. Mention a rental to any broker/agent and you aren't going to get them jumping up and down to do it. Some might take it on if they have no business but will loathe doing it as a necessary evil. The PM companies however it is all they do is place tenants and do leases so it's their core business.

Hope it helps.

I would think most landlords don't use a r/e agent to find renters, why would a LL want to pay months commission to an agent? Most tenants don't want to pay a commission to find a rental. Look on Craigslist. Trulia & Zillow allow owners to advertise as owners.

I've had calls from agents asking if I would "cooperate" with them if they bought their rental looker around, when I had an advertised rental. I tell them "NO", anyone looking for a unit like mine, in the area, they can't help but trip all over my advertising, no need to pay someone else to bring lookie-loos.

I don't know what it's like in CA, but in FL lots of real estate brokers are also property managers. The agency get a fee usually equal to one or two months rent for finding a tenants and splits the fee if another agent brings them a renter. Places with lots of smaller multifamily buildings should have many such agencies. Your best bet is probably to get the number of the leasing line at a few small apartment buildings that you'd like to possibly live in and call. If you don't like what they show you in that building then ask if they manage any other properties.

Craigslist has an option for people who are looking to rent rooms or homes. That may be your best option.

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