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Can some one help me with where i can download rental application form and other forms like rental verification, employment verification and lease forms.

Appreciate the help, thanks

Join the California Apartment Association. It's inexpensive and their docs are court tested and up to date.

Yes, you can join organizations like AOA (Apartment Owners Association) in CA, which I recommend so you can get their magazines (or you can go to their site and read their magazines there). Or, if you're just looking for forms right now, you could go to a CA Association of Realtors office to buy a packet of their landlord forms. Some offices sell the packets, but not all do. As of 4 years ago, the office in Riverside had them available. It's a whole packet of all the landlord-related forms that realtors use. You don't have to be a realtor to buy them.

@Lenin Belangonda Join AOA, apartment owners association, and get access to all the forms as well as access to tenant screening and many other resources. You will ABSOLUTELY need good tenant screening. There is AOAUSA, and CAANET. I have the first, but I think the later has better explanation of the forms.

I am able to find some free online resources to get the forms. I am also planning to use mysmartmove for tenant screening. Is the tenant screening offered by AOA better? and are there other benefits of joining AOA?


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