Refinance a Property In Kennesaw GA

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Hi Everyone!

I have a townhouse in Kennesaw GA and I currently live in southern CA but need to refinance this townhouse to get a better int rate and increase my cashflows.  Does anyone have any recommendations on great lenders out there...

I've also had a property manager who charges 7% per month on rent and every time I renew they take 50% of the rent.  Is that high?  I almost feel like why haven't really done right by me as my last tenant was in my property for over 5 years and yet the rent was $400/month below market.  Yes, I feel silly to even admit that because I clearly have not been on the up and up on this property and had ben happy to just get my rents on time!


Hi, @Thembi Moyo .  I live in Kennesaw and have 2 rentals here.  I pay a flat $300 for renewal, 8% monthly and 1 month rent for lease-up.  Of the PM's that I interviewed initially, all had a flat fee renewal rate (I think $300 was actually the highest if I remember correctly).  If you are thinking about switching, I'd be happy to give you my PM's contact info.  Who, consequently,was given to me by another most excellent BP member @Todd Whiddon .