Good books to read?!

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I am weeding through all the information on line, but I am a "book" person.  I have heard that The ABCs of Real Estate Investing is a good one.  What books do others like for: buy & hold, multi-family bldgs?

Check out the old book... How i turned 1k into $1,000,000.  

A good non real estate book I'm reading right now is by OG Mandano....The Greatest Salesman In The World.


Hi Jennifer -

So nice to hear from a book person - I heart reading, and I think it gives one a definite advantage in a lot of areas, esp REI. I will paste a section from a post I wrote last week, these are pretty good reads. Enjoy!


Can I suggest a few books? These are dense reads, but very good.

Real Estate Finance and Investments (14th Ed), William B. Brueggeman & Jeffrey D. Fisher

You will need a bottle of Advil (and vodka) to get through this one, but if you manage to get 1/4 of it, you're going to know more than a lot of folks. Very complete - everything you need to know. I think it has a lot of the coursework Ben teaches in his CFU (just a guess).

The Depression of 2008 - by Fred E. Foldvary

A good overview of the moving parts in RE cycles and some economics as well. It's only 30 pages, but very informative.

The Complete Guide To Real Estate Finance For Investment Properties (How To Analyze Any Single-Family, Multifamily, Or Commercial Property) Steve Berges

An easier version of Real Estate Finance and Investments, very good, though I have not read all of it. This has a lot of the analysis formulas you can find here on BP and other places.

@Jennifer Schemenauer

A great way to build a list of REI books and related subjects is pull up each podcast's show notes and in the show notes will be the favorite book(s) mentioned by the person being interviewed.

It's a quick way to develop an extensive list of some of the best real estate and business books out there. Hope this helps.