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Hi.  I downloaded the BP rental application, but I see it says we require no more than 2 people were bedroom.  My condo only has the requirement of having no more than 2 unrelated adults per unit.  Is there a BP rental app which I could modify for this?  Or is there a reason the BP app has that requirement?  Thanks in advance.

@Alexander Morgovsky

The HOA Requirement is separate from your requirement as a landlord and you have the right to limit the occupancy of the unit to whatever you find reasonable, so long as it is equal to or more stringent than the agreement you have with the HOA and equal to or less stringent than what is required by the law. Note: Don't violate federal fair housing laws when you setup this requirement - see familial status protection.

The reason that the BP Rental Application is worded like that is to prevent a large group of people moving into a small unit. Too many occupants tends to lead to more damage to the unit and more headaches.