Looking for a place in Columbia, MD.

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This is probably unconventional, but I'm an aspiring real estate investor who right now just needs a place to rent. I'm moving from Utah and just took a job in Jessup, Maryland and I'd like to live inside of 15 minutes away. I'm looking in Columbia, Ellicott, Elkridge, and other similar areas. It will be my wife and I with a newborn baby and we're looking to move in around June 3rd or so. What's important to us is that it's in a nice, clean, safe neighborhood, has washer and dryer hookups (or included) has at least 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. We prefer also at least one bath tub, a master suite, and it doesn't need to be updated, but cleanliness is a must.

Glen Bernie is also good and if there are other areas you know of that might be good for a little, new family, I'm all ears.

We'd prefer a single family home or small multifamily, but are also looking at a lot of apartment complexes as well. After all that, we're hoping to pay less than $1400 a month.

I actually flew into BWI today and I'll be looking around until Monday afternoon for places to live. I should have given more notice, but I didn't think to post here got some reason until right now. If you think you might have a property that would work for me, please feel free to reply or message me here.

Like I said, I'm an aspiring investor myself and am also looking for people to work with in the area as soon as I get established here. I just got a really well paying job here and my credit is very good, so I hope to buy my first property within the year, I just want to rent until I get to know each market better.

If you can help out, I really appreciate it! I also hope we can work together in the future!

@David Grimm welcome to Maryland. Hope someone here can help get you into something in that time frame....if you have the means and the option, I'd also recommend looking into buying instead of rent especially for the areas that you are considering.

Good luck.

Hey David, welcome! There are some great communities in our  area, and lots of variety in the rental space. AA  County tends  to have lower rents, and a less dense feel. It's a lot to take in in a weekend, though. Congratulations on the new job!