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So I bought a duplex with a conditional U&O. Still trying to get approval from the Borough  on the fixed porch. In the meantime, a tenant was evicted, bed bugs sprayed for, and we've painted the entire place and put in new flooring. Should be ready to rent by June 15th. My question is it ok to put a new renter in there with a conditional U&O? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks! 

       @Steve Francis

             I don't know how they handle things in Pennsylvania, but in Baltimore City, if you were to rent without the full U & O the City would fine and be on you so hard you wouldn't want to even think about doing it again.

             Rich Baer, Esq.

The short answer is "NO". Look at your conditional - one of the conditions almost certainly is that it remain unoccupied until it passes the regular U&O. And if it is in one of the nearby towns, most of them aren't towns that are all that landlord friendly - landlords are tolerated because who else is going to fix their junky housing stock ...

Now, that doesn't mean that you can't start advertising and interviewing tenants - they just can't move in. 

Have you tried taking before and after photographs of the items needing repair and sending them to code enforcement to show that you are ready for the re-inspection? I have had properties get a result of "passed the inspection" without the re-inspection by emailing photos (works in some towns at least).

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@Steve Babiak

Thanks Steve! Yeah it's in Bridgeport. All of the outstanding items are complete. The big issue was the front porch which was sagging and needed to be raised. So assuming the contractor did it correctly I'm hoping it passes. I completely renovated the one side. This was my first rental property and it's definitely been quite a learning experience. Once the vacant side is rented out it will be cash flowing nicely. Thanks again! 

Bridgeport should not be too much trouble to get a re-inspection, but they are willing to use photos for some types of repairs ... the porch might be a bit major and they might want to see it in person, but that should not take too long.  If the rental inspector is doing it, he is off on Fridays since he is part time.

Yeah it's the guy Steve and his partner Mike. I'm waiting for my contractor to send them some good dates for next week to look at the porch. Yes I have looked into DIG. I've been meaning to attend one of the general sessions. I want to start networking more and expand my business. Thanks!