Cincinnati, OH CPA Recommendation

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Hi BP!

I just bought my first duplex 2 wks ago, and will have it rent ready by this weekend. 

After I get the unit rented out, I'm going to start looking for a CPA to work with (preferably on the West Side of town if possible).

Any recommendations on a good CPA for a Buy and Hold Investor?

Thanks for your feedback!

 - Tom  

Hi Tom,

I bought and house-hacked a duplex in 2016 in Cincy. I reached out to bigger pockets for a CPA recommendation and many people suggested Chuck Vonderhaar. I went with him and he was great.


This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

@Thomas Barrick Thanks Tom! I will definitely look into Chuck.

@Phillip Weickert HI Phil! I appreciate the message. I'll give you a call some time during this work week. Right now I'm in information gathering stage (experience, pricing, etc).

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