Accused of drug activity because of perceived number of visitors.

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How can a landlord get away with saying you have drug activity simply because you have a few friends who visit?

My landlord approached me earlier today and said to me that she had gotten complaints of "drug activity" because of "heavy traffic."

First of all, I do not do drugs. I do not even drink alcohol. I do not associate with people who do drugs, and I do not tolerate those who do. 

Second, I can literally count the number of "friends" who visit me at my home on my fingers. Out of these people, there are perhaps 2 or 3 who actually visit with any regularity. The remaining friends visit regularly, but not necessarily every day.

Now I will admit that the people I know are not necessarily the sharpest dressers in the neighborhood. In fact, some of them can occasionally be downright shabby. And only one or two of them even own a car. Why? Because most of the people I know are not that secure financially. Why is that? None of anyone's damned business. But if they must know, I happen to do a bit of advocacy work here and there for low income people with disabilities, sometimes these people become friends.

I'm not concerned with being evicted or anything like that because of the landlords comment but I am curious to know exactly how these people can get away with saying such things simply because I have some friends who stop by, hang out, laugh, joke, leave, stay, use the phone, take a nap, or whatever the ^^^^ they want to do as guests in my home at that moment.

I'd really like to know what the litmus test is for guests becoming "drug traffic." And what I can do to make it clear that her comments are offensive, inaccurate, and they will not be tolerated.

Thank you to all who are willing and able to assist me in figuring this out. I look forward to your replies.

Opinions are like a*holes and Landlords are genetically predisposed to have several.

First off your landlord said she has had complaints of drug activity due to heavy traffic. She is passing along a message from other tenants. That is not the same as accusing you of drug activity and is a heads up to you as to the image you are conveying to others in your building.

I get the message that you do not care what others think of you or your friends but do not be so knave as to not accept that you are judged by the company you keep.

Your circle of friends are sub par for the area you live in and your neighbours are most likely concerned for their safety. Rightly so I would guess based on the description of them that you have provided. 

Instead of being offended stop for one moment and consider the concerns of others in your building. 

You may wish to move to an area where the type of friends you associate with will appear to fit in better, or choose better quality friends that do not reflect as poorly on you. We are judged based on those we choose to associate with.

You are asking us to see your side of the story completely and take your side. Fair enough.
Your landlord also has a side. They are fielding complaints from other tenants. Can we look at her side as well? Will you try to look at her side as well and make any adjustments or compromises? Or will you dig a fix hole and go to war with a landlord?
All it takes are a couple of calls from neighbors to the police complaining or drug use (true or not true) and your landlord will have a record of police runs to your address with complaints of drugs. You will lose in court if she tries to evict you for unlawful activity.

If you are in a single family detached with some privacy in between houses, then I would understand your position more and ask the landlord to please tell the nosy neighbors to feel free to call  the police if they believe there is drug activity or noise complaints because there is not.  However, your landlord is likely notifying you of  the complaint because there are sufficient complaints from her other tenants to warrant letting you know; concerned that other good, quiet tenants may leave if the issue is not resolved; and covering herself in case there is an actual drug issue.  If you are in an attached unit, condo,  townhouse,  apartment, etc., then you may need to be more considerate of surrounding neighbors, and rent a home with more space in between others if you wish to have friends in frequently.   If your guests are causing issues with the neighbors, you should take steps to resolve it.  If there is only 1 or 2 people on the lease in a smaller unit and yet you bring in 3-5 more people daily or several times a week, it can be a nuisance in a small complex.  

Amit - Thank you for your reply.

            Yeah. I get that. Unfortunately however, the opinions of those in positions of power over us can and often do have severe consequences to those they choose to target. Leading me to ask, "What are the legal remedies available to me that can be used to address this woman in such a way that she understands continued t 

To all who have replied. First of all, Thank you. Your replies are all honest, fair, sensible, politely stated,  and offered sincerely. I appreciate that.

My thinking behind my landlord's comment is about the same as what you all have come up with. That she was simply relaying to me comments or concerns she had received from other tenants. In all actuality however, I believe it was only a single tenant who has voiced any of these "concerns."

I very rarely speak to the majority of the other tenants in my park, but this is only because I live in a small mobile home park where I am the only Caucasian. All of the other tenants are Hispanic. I do not believe race is in any way involved, however this information helps to explain why there has been a lack of direct communication between myself and the other tenants.

In the ten years I have lived here there haven't been any arguments, disputes, or angry interactions with anyone here. There have never been any law enforcement calls to or about my residence, or anything else that might reasonably explain someone being "angry or vindictive" towards me or other members of my family.

But... There has been this one woman in the park who just hits me as one of those nosey, suspicious, bitter old ladies often depicted in police novels, etc. I can definitely see this woman as being the type to tell a landlord all sorts of things about someone she doesn't like or who she is "suspicious" of. I am guessing that I recently had a little more "activity" around my place than normal to this woman and in some way that must have angered her or upset her in some bizarre way. (Beware crazy old ladies with senility issues and a mean streak.) lol

I guess the only thing I can really do is just take it for what it's worth and make sure that none of the friends I have bother her in any way. (Assuming that our mere existence isn't too much of a bother on it's own.) As to the landlord, I guess you're all correct in that she was just relaying the "concerns" and I should simply take it for what it's worth as well.

I guess that's all simple enough. :)

Anyway. Again, thank you to all who took the time to help me out in this matter. I sincerely appreciate it.


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