Apt Water pipe burst causing water damage

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Hi forum! Recently, about a couple of days ago, my apartment building alarm went off. Found that a water pipe broke above my unit causing water to come through the ceilings and walls. Multiple apartments were affected. My laptop and other items were damaged by the water. I have renter’s insurance.

The question I have is what are my rights? Currently they have two huge machines to dry out the water damage on the walls and ceiling. These machines were dusty and I started coughing after the machines were blowing all day and night. 

Is this appropriate? To have large machines in my unit? I have a toddler and wondering if this violates my health and safety rights? 

I'm sure you have plenty of rights, however you probably signed a lease that addresses problems like this, stating something to the effect that you will cooperate with the owner or the manager so they can resolve the problem.  Unfortunately mistakes and accidents happen and it's a sucky situation, and the solution might also suck, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get past it.