Remove pet odor from slab?

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I'm looking at contracting a property to wholesale. the property has a horrible pet odor in it and theres no flooring anywhere. I planned on pulling out the old paneling and replacing with rock. How do you clean the slab, sanitize and mask any odors? Which products?
What does that cost?

There are likely many products available, but bleach / water solution has worked for me in the past. 

I've never had to do this but after a thorough cleaning I've heard painting the slab with Kilz or a similar high quality primer will cover pet odors. also vinegar is cheap and is a natural deodorant.  If that doesn't work then maybe an ozone machine might.  Good luck! 

Killz or oil based paint.  Sometimes have to paint everything in sight.

Wet mop the whole slab with bleach water. May take a few rounds to get rid of the smell.

Kilz on the walls if necessary.

Yes concur with the bleach and water. May take several times but it has worked for me also.

i have never worked on a house i was going to wholesale but if u have enough spread and it will get u more money @Jason Douthitt  

try an ozone generator or what the other above responses were

I'm not planing on doing the work unless absolutely necessary. I'm just trying to get a better idea of repair costs. Thanks all fri the input!

@Jason Douthitt  

I've never used this on a slab, but it works wonders on carpets or upholstery.  It's sold at SAMs club and I think Home Depot

We used white vinegar from Costco on outdoor concrete (patio) and it worked really well. My understanding is that effectiveness is due in part to the acidic vinegar having a neutralizing effect on the alkaline urine. 

My friend had a rental where the tenant had cats and the whole place smelled like cat pee when they left.  She said she tried everything to get rid of the smell and the only thing that worked was an ozone machine. Hope this helps :) 

We've used a vinegar wash, followed by TSP, followed by an oil based odor blocking primer such as Kilz or Zinsser with success. We have also used the Odoban product, which I like very well. And we have used an ozone machine, which freshens up a place a bit, but is a temporary fix at best. Try the least toxic remedy first and if it doesn't work for you, move up the ladder! You are on the right track by removing and replacing that which can be easily replaced. Note, the cat urine odor may have penetrated beyond belief, so be thorough!

just finishing up a cat pee soaked place.  I had to rip out all the trim and even the doors (internal and external ! ) Paint the entire place with Kilz oil based primer. I am talking the floors, ceilings, everything.  I run an ozone machine through the HVAC system often and I also used a microban detergent to spray all the corners and crevices. 

I bought a house this past summer that has a raised foundation. The house was owned by an 85 year old cat lady. Under the house was basically the world's largest cat box. You can't imagine the smell wafting out from the sand under this place. It was the worst cat pee house I've ever purchased and trust, I've closed A LOT of them. Nothing fixed the problem - bleach, OdorXit, we tried all kinds of things until I discovered....

Anti Icky Poo

Crazy name, but hands down, the BEST product I used. The house is now rented and I didn't have to paint the hardwood floors to try and seal the smell. You can buy it on Amazon and I got the 4 gallon deal for around $120. Good luck!

Just the name makes me want to try the "Anit Icky Poo".  I've found the majority of cat piss is usually around the edges of a room..i.e. baseboard, door trim, tack strip.  I've painted plywood with Kilz oil-based and had great results.  I've also seen garage floor latex paint used in cat urine soaked basements and it worked very well.  

Shellac based primer is the best for all odors. Second is oil based primers. All require respirators.

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