Looking to build my families primary residence. Things get tricky quickly as the market is miami and real estate is sky high and so are GC rates for contruction (~350 sqft). However, there`s potential for large upside given a lack of modern new construction.
Thoughts on how to finance the project? I know the traditional route is a construction to perm loan, but here are my issues. It takes months to close on one of these in a market that sells rapidly. I want to finance the whole project ( lot purchase and construction). Secondly, banks want you to work with builders through the entire process eliminating your ability to subcontract aspects yourself to save money. Ideally, Id use a builder to come in and create a "vanilla box" while i complete the finishes myself through some personal contacts.
I`m budgeting about 1.7million total cost for land purchase and construction cost. Land itself is looking like 900K in prime neighborhoods. Ive thought about HML for land purchase and out of pocket for construction to bypass banks tying my hands with construction. Later looking to somehow convert to a traditional 30 year mortgage, but don`t know the details or if possible.
I appreciate any help/ideas from the BP community. Thanks!