What comes first: Windows, siding, roof?

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In an upcoming project (SFR) I need to replace the siding, windows, and roof...typical I assume but this is my first. I'm wondering in what order this should be done.

Roof I really dont have any thoughts on.

I feel like maybe the siding should go up before new windows go in, so the windows can flange over the new siding and not have to be distrubed again?

fwiw different contractors will be doing each job.

We have the siding and windows done by the same people. That way all windows are wrapped with aluminum and transition seamlessly to siding. Avoids finger pointing when its wrong.

Definitely the roof first, and make sure the roofer has tarps on hand for the "surprise" rain burst. Probably the siding first, depending on the style of the windows/trim. See what the siding and window installers recommend.

have the windows done first so the new siding will be easier to trim in.

do the roof whenever.

If the house needs a roof do the roof before you start any other work on the house, I always have my roofer lined up to start just after my closing date. You don't want any finished work to get wet from a leaky roof or rain during the replacement. You may not have the rain issues there that we deal with in FL though so it may not be that big of an issue for you. Here a thunderstorm can form from nowhere and drop 3" of rain in under an hour.

I like to do the windows before the siding.

I would do the roof first. The contractors might throw old shingles and debris down into a dumpster. A piece might fall the wrong way and damage something.

Windows would come next. Windows have to trimed in the weatherseals go under the siding.

Siding last

Do the roof first. When the dumpster is backed in, the contractors might scrape the siding getting it in. (True story.)

I typically do windows before siding, as replacement windows may not fit exactly, and you may find that you have visible stops, framing or trim pieces after you replace them. Then you can replace your siding appropriately.

Of course, it's always best to have your contractors give their opinion as well -- ask your window and siding guys what they prefer.

As for roof, that can be before or after, though if it's in bad shape, you should get it done as soon as possible. You definitely can't do roof and siding/windows at the same time.

As usual, great input here. Thanks all!

What about serious foundation repairs that involve re-leveling and jacking? Do you do that before the new roof? Can an old, partially missing roof stay in place during the foundation work?

Originally posted by K. Marie Poe:
What about serious foundation repairs that involve re-leveling and jacking? Do you do that before the new roof? Can an old, partially missing roof stay in place during the foundation work?

Definitely do any major foundation work that requires lifting the house before doing anything else. Jacking up the house can damage framing, roof structure, sheetrock, trim/casing, flooring, etc.

contractor for 15 years do the roof first that the area most water can come in and you want to stop it as soon as possible ,logic it rains from the sky so the top of the house will be the first to close up, window next but if there not some standard windows that take a few weeks to come in move to sidding use cheap ply or osb to cover into the windows come , time is money and you want to stop water before you put any finish items in.

Roof first, you dont need the debris, dirt and ladders against your new siding, no matter how much they tarp or plywood it off.

Windows/siding, depends on type of windows your using, new builds which have flanges to nail to wall sheeting go before siding, if using inserts which nail inside old window frames, do whenever.

Preferably I always would do, Roof, windows, siding.

I think you should do the work for roof first because when roof is completed so you can do any further work like window and sliding doors.

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