It seems every contractor wants 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd, despite advice on here to not put more than 10% down.  

I've scoured the General Contractor Payments in the forums and it seems the ones who have SOV contract clauses and itemized scope of work down to the penny with weekly payments (payments being 5% behind actual work done) are those with multifamily projects over 25+ units.

Are the rest of us single-family apt/homeowners stuck with less favorable contractor payment terms?  There's a BP article from an ex Contractor advising against demanding an itemized list as that turns off most contractors who don't know how to appropriate general overhead expenses to these smaller projects.

The advice was to not ask for itemized cost list.

That seems contradictory to commentary advice, so there seems to be a gap between theoretical advice vs what's actually expected from contractors.

Anyone successful in paying behind work schedule for a SFH or single apartment? I've read about 10 contracts online and picked the upper middle one suited best for the Owner as the most detailed itemized ones freaked out all the contractors. Thanks