How to build credibility and overcome objections when coldcalling

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Hey folks, 

I have started a website (Carrot), have ordered bandit signs, door hangers and am cold calling lists while I am waiting on my marketing materials to arrive. I am tracking my conversion numbers, recording my cold calling sessions so that I can review them and share them with others for feedback. I want to track my objections so that I can develop effective objection-handlers. 

Two objections I have come across recently that I don't know how to handle:

A guy was speaking to me, until he found out that I used Google Voice for my phone number. He accused me of being a "Swindler" and asked me to not contact him again. 

I have since changed my voicemail from the standard google voice greeting, to a custom one. I mentioned my website on the voicemail. 

Another guy called me back after I left a generic voicemail on his cell (cold lead). I didn't pick up immediately, he heard my voicemail and I called him back within 5 minutes. After hearing my voicemail he sounded completely turned off to having a conversation. 

What are the best practices when cold calling? What is the balance between professionalism and presenting oneself as a genuine person? 

My current voicemail is as follows:
"Hey you've reached Sam and webuyhousesgj dot com, I'll call you back as soon as i'm able. In the meanwhile please leave your name, number and the property you plan on selling. If you'd like to find out more about what we are and what we do  visit our website at webuyhousesgj dot com"

Any feedback or insight is appreciated. 

First of all, do Carrot's 30-Day Challenge. That will really get you going.

I've done bandit signs and they do work but I didn't find them to be the best use of my money even though I had someone put them up every Friday night and take them down every Sunday night to avoid fines.

I've never done door hangers but if I were to do them, I'd hire a college student to put them up AND I'd also set them up as a user on my PropStream account and have them "drive for dollars" as they walk around to post the hangers.

I'd show them things to keep an eye out for and how they can skip trace properties they come across. And I'd tell them that I'll pay them $10 for each property that meets my criteria plus $500 for every signed deal.

As for the cold calling, there's no way to filter out all of the stupid. But the Carrot system will better qualify people because they'll be reaching out you.

Frankly, sometimes I think, "How in the hell did these people even have the brains to buy this property in the first place?"

I don't think there's anything really wrong with your call-in voicemail message but, personally, I don't mention my business name. It's just a preference though and I don't see how it could have caused the guy to turn off.

He's probably in a painful situation that he doesn't want to talk about but needs to talk about.

The lesson here is, don't do cold calling, don't do bandit signs, don't do driving for dollars.

While people are pissed/turned off, angry what ever at you, people, praise me, beg me, and harrass me to please make them an offer.

Do you see Nike doing bandit signs? How about cold calling? How about doorknocking?

If it is not good enough for Nike, why woudl it be OK for you?

Wouldn't you be surprised if you saw a banditsign from Nike? Wouldn't you be dissappointed? "Nike?! Stoop THAT low? Nooo! Really?"


There is no difference. Also why did you decide to do ANY of these methods? Did you actually did actual research, look at the numbers, costs, success rate, conversion rate deal rate and made an educated decision... or are you a sheep and followed the masses with nothing but a "if they do it it must be OK" to keep you going?

Do you not agree that is friggin ridiculous? Yeah right? Why are you winging it?

Everything I am saying is legit and you already experienced I am right with the results and responses to your attempts right?

Act sound, taste, look, behave like a real company and people will treat you as one.


Get a website, work on credibility, do facebook ads, PPC, and work on SEO.


Hi, @Samuel Hall the best marketers I interact with are using multiple strategies working together at the same time. There are strategies that work better than others but they have multiple channels that bring in leads. There's nothing wrong with having bandit signs, cold calling, SEO, texting, or direct mail. They will all have their varied effectiveness. The more important thing to note is that it's going to be a numbers game. Don't get hung u on that one person who didn't do something or the minutiae of a voicemail. Simply focus on getting in front of enough motivated prospects.

@Samuel Hall Maybe he looked you up and nothing matched up. Just went to your website and it’s completely stock carrot site. Not even a logo or a picture of yourself. Actually the site doesn’t even mention you.

If you want people to sell you a house you gotta look credible and earn their trust.

I also don’t see a google my business or reviews.

There’s a lot to the conversion puzzle missing here.

Hope that helps Sam.

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