Calling Entire Zip Codes?

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Hi Everyone,

I remember walking into a Agents office in Scottsdale a few months ago, and they had 3-4 people on the phone, burning through entire zip codes asking if the home owner was interested in selling. Every phone would dial two numbers at a time, and when someone answered they would ask probing sales questions. The Agent said he was getting ~20-30 homes under contract a month, and would either wholesale or fix/flip.

My question is, how would you get set up with such an operation? What types of programs or services would allow you to rapid dial specific zip codes?


@Jared Vidales  Wow, I've never heard of that. Quite impressive. I don't know where you would get such a list. Especially since so many people have cell phones as their primary phones these days. 

They still have phone books start there.

I have come across a couple auto dialers online just do a Google search and your research.  Most of them come with a price per dial or a set monthly fee.

Auto-dialers come with big tech requirements and even bigger price tags, and cold-calling is serious brain damage.  Even when I get calls from agents watching new recordings that actually know a little bit about whatever property I just closed, I'm not about to spend any time with them.  

Also keep in mind the "20-30" may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but who knows, if they really are getting that to work on phone book leads then good for them.

I would say you'd have better success buying a targeted list from somebody like InfoUSA, or WalterKarl

Serenity Now!

You could always call yourself, especially if you don't have anything better to do...

Originally posted by @Chaz Reid :

You could always call yourself, especially if you don't have anything better to do...

 I plan to call myself, I just want to be set up with an auto-dialer where I can specify a specific zip code. 

Doesn't the phone book separate numbers by zip code? I have no clue, that's why I'm asking. I can't tell you the last time I even touched a phone book.

@Jared Vidales  

I'm interested if you ever ended up trying this? The two big dialers I've seen for Realtors are and mojo dialer. Seems like it wouldn't be too expensive to try out.

If you tried it, what did you think??

@Jared Vidales Auto dialers really don't require anything special from a tech standpoint. I'd recommend for single-triple line dialers. If the agents you noticed were dialing through zip codes they were probably using something like Cole Real Estate Resource/ Cole Directory. They integrate well together, and you'd have the last sale date, owner name and number, and address synced on the dialer screen. You'll need to register with the do not call list, which takes a couple days, but is free for several area codes. COle also has a cell phone package, but you should thoroughly review telemarketing laws before using an autodialer and calling cell #'s.

Be careful with dialing. New rules/regulations. Can't leave pre recorded Vm's. Can't predictive dial. Watch your DNC #'s. (Make sure you're scrubbing your database.) The fines aren't something you want to mess with. is a great system many people out of my local office are using. I'm looking into white pages pro (will call their sales line to see search criteria) white pages checks against dnc I am looking to search my home owners, not on dnc list by zip codes and then need to find a way to mass check against current listing on MLS

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