Facebook Ads! Anyone else crack the code? Lol

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Hey guys!! So I have been currently using facebook ads to successfully find motivated sellers for the past 2 years pretty consistently. So I am not here asking if FB ads work because I personally know they work and I constantly have campaigns running that give me a steady flow of leads. I am curious as to who all is out there seeing similar success? What types of ads are you using that work well and convert well?

Me personally video ads that target conversions are pretty successful. Basically I shoot a video of me standing in front of a house that I just recently purchased and I tell the audience a little bit about the scenario. Then I turn that into a conversion ad, as well as a "lead gen" ad. Also taking a pic with the seller at title, as well as both of us standing in front of the house, and then turning that into an ad also works pretty well. 

What all are you guys doing? Im happy to help anyone that has questions about FB ads. I by no means am a pro, but I do consistently get leads and deals from facebook and its a legit source of leads for me. If anything the competition is so much less because of how confusing it is to work the ad platform. And how expensive it is to hire someone to run your ads.

I haven't started it yet, but I've been looking for a good, effective way to funnel FB adds into good leads.  Just reading about your approach makes me see how effective it would be.  

Thank you.  

@Mark Wood

Totally man! It’s a good way to add social proof for sellers. They see “hey other people are selling to this guy”. They also get a chance to see me. The person they will be dealing with and the person who will be buying thier house.
Like all advertisements it’s all about testing! Test test test! But yeah man start to dabble in it for sure

Absolutely. We see success with similar approaches -- you make great points with video; they easily convert the highest and I consider them essential. To even scale out what you're describing, we don't only go for sellers but also take the same approach to generate leads for bird dogs, wholesalers, ones selling land, and especially buyers for realtors. 

Also, so true about testing -- you really have to be on top of your ads twice a day to ensure they're effective and you're not throwing money into a pit of advertising that's being shown to the wrong people. 

Hi Zachary,

My wife and I have had our business Facebook site for several months. We set it up after we completed a flip to try and attract buyers. Although we generated some interest, a buyers agent produced the buyer not Facebook. 

Recently we started running Facebook ads to attract sellers, but to date we have been unsuccessful. We have run about five ads with no success. We also have a Carrot website, but have not generated any leads there either.   We are tying to re-build the website and will start running ad words next week. 

We would be really interested in knowing how your pulling in your sellers.


Greg and Rose Wright

@Greg Wright

right on for the response man! So of course every market is different and what works in my market doesnt mean it will work for you but I wouldnt mind giving you some pointers. Lead ads have worked well for me, as well as "conversion ads". The types of ads that work for me are

  • picture of me standing in front of the house that I just purchase and then turning that into an ad.
  • picture of the seller in front of thier own house(turning that into an ad)
  • Picture of me and the seller in front of house or at title company( turn that into ad)
  • video of me standing in front of house( ad)
  • video of me and seller in front of house( ad)
  • video of me and seller at title company( ad)
  • seller testimonial of my service( ad)

You pretty much get the gist of it by now lol. Also how active are you on your business facebook page? Are you constantly posting good content and do people know who you are? People are more often going to facebook to check people out. If you have a page that hasnt been updated in months it tends to turn sellers off. Anyway thats my 2 pennies lol

Thanks, yes I have started posting content and we will try the adwords to see how that goes.

@Zachary Wilson That is awesome! I work with investors on generating leads through Facebook and have found that videos are totally the way to go. Facebook retargeting is one of my favorite ad sets to run because you can use it to lengthen the "life span" of colder leads that are coming into a website from AdWords, direct mail, or even organically. Do you see a lot of spam submissions with the "lead gen" ad types, or do you have it pretty well nailed down? I've experienced and heard about both the good and bad sides of that ad type.

@Josh McRay hey man! I think I was on you and dannys webinar about a week ago? I was asking you about my "google my business listing and my local address".

Thats interesting about re-targeting. You guys find you get a pretty decent amount of leads with your re-targeting efforts? I think you have a very vaild point when it comes to the lifespan of individual leads and the sources they come from (adwords, directmail,etc)

I wouldnt say that I see" a lot" of spam but sometimes people submit and I wont get in touch with them for awhile. Like all of your lead sources I have found that the more you follow up with facebook (lead ads) especially the higher your chances of success are. but then again thats really any lead source. So not a ton of spam but some. As you know even adwords sometimes gets me spam leads, or low quality so I think it just comes with the territory. Video does work well on facebook for sure

What types of ads besides re targeting are doing well for you guys?

Hey Zachary , 

I'm just getting started with Facebook Ads for my wholesaling business.  I've been setting up target audiences with my lists(probate, foreclosure, tax liens, etc), trying to be a bit more targeted than just advertising to everyone in my zip codes.  Have you ever done anything like that and if so how did it work out?

@Thomas Mileham yes I currently do that with the different types of lists and have had pretty good success. Totally! And then creating "look alike" audiences from those lists :)

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