How can I do a text message campaign?

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My advice on a text message 'direct campaign' is:  

      Please DON'T!!

(hey, I said 'please')

My last few gigs before 'retiring' and doing REI full-time was at a little cellular company called T-Mobile. Currently, 'spam calls', and 'spam texts' are the number one item on ALL cellular providers' complaint lists. It's gotten so bad lately that Congress has begun talking about creating laws making it easier for cellular providers to BLOCK such behavior.

If you want your number blocked by your cellular provider for ALL text messages, and/or to start receiving penalties & court summons for being on the sending end of something that customers PAY TO RECEIVE, then start a direct SMS/TEXT campaign.  Only please do NOT include me in the list.  

The FCC is working on legislation now (at the providers', and customers' request) to make it easier for cell companies to stop these practices.  My recommendation as a recent insider:  Do Not Do It

- - - - -

As an aside, I also live in a neighborhood that receives our fair share of "Hey, I want to buy your house" direct marketing mail pieces. It's annoying. If I wanted to sell the property I just bought, and am rehabbing to turn into a rental to keep me 'retired' for years to come, I would list it with a wholesaler, or on the MLS! So to those reading this thread: please stop. Your results may look significant when you do the math on 'cards sent / deals done', but as a recipient of these, I would never do this as I don't like being on the receiving end of these, and watching other RE investors waste the postage (even if it is pennies per card). I know those committed to this strategy don't want to hear this, but please - it only damages the credibility of RE Investors. And for those of us who actually LIVE in these 'targeted zip codes', and are trying to improve the conditions in our neighborhoods, direct mail is not seen as a helpful practice. Try putting the shoe on the other foot for a second: if YOU wanted to do business with someone, would YOU do business with someone as a result of spam e-mail/snail-mail?

Originally posted by @Fili Aguirre:

What website do you use to do a text message campaign?

Oh gosh please don’t   If I was ever wanting to sell if I got a text message from a buyer without prompting it would be a automatic black listed person or company.

Some things aren’t worth it.  


@Bruce Lee I appreciate your perspective. I'm curious. Are you investing full time? If so, what approach do you use to identify leads (taking into consideration your "don't snail mail spam" position. I'm learning.

Apologies in advance for the ‘magazine’ response...

I identify, and work with a team in my target markets, of which a goof REI savvy realtor is a key team member. They forward deals they're made aware of, and I evaluate them against my criteria. Those criteria took some time to develop, but I narrowed down what I'm looking for to something specific (3br / 1+ba that all-in costs less than $100k and rents for $1k/mth - duplexes ~$160k bringing in similar rents). I also like doing my own rehab work, I'm willing to hire workers for tasks I don't want to do myself (roofing, painting, carpet, etc) but I've done most of these tasks and more. My realtor team member also sets me up with a daily email that notes additions to the MLS that meet my criteria. When I click on these, I can search the MLS for other criteria and/or neighborhoods - sometimes Zillow/ Trulia / just aren't up-to-date so this is very helpful. I walk properties and evaluate them, and end up buying maybe 1 of 10 for whatever reason. I've learned my target neighborhoods well, and know a "deal I can't refuse" when I see it.

A key deal for me was ‘the one that got away'. My realtor emailed and texted me about a deal that he thought wouldn't last, and suggested we get right on it . I ran the numbers and it looked good. So I set up my ‘boots on the ground' person to Skype/FaceTime the property walkthrough for the next morning. But the house went pending that same day/afternoon. I reverse engineered that deal's numbers, and realized it was the ideal project scope, ROI, and cash-on-cash deal for what *I* was looking for in a long term rental.

There are other sources - the FHA website where you can buy a house and take over it's FHA loan, but I've never found a deal on this site I liked. There is this idea tha one can have up to 10 mortgages if you go through this method, but I have yet to meet someone who has done it successfully.

I've bought and sold enough houses that I know what to look for in a flip, a BRRRR, and a long-term hold (that I PM myself until my fleet of doors gets too large to handle - and I've identified a PM company or 2 that I would be willing to turn the PM responsibilities over to once I no longer want to be as deeply hands-on.

But for now, I’m wary of many who simply want to make-a-buck, try to avoid hucksters, and realize *I* do a better job managing my RE investments than a stranger. So for now I DIY my PM work. And yes, I’m willing to help others run the numbers, or even walk through houses via FaceTime as others have done for me. But so far haven’t had any takers with targeted properties. Caveat:  my investment goals may not be the same as other investors, but at least we’re up front about that going in.


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