What Should I Sell This For??? Can I Get a Pro Answer?

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Let me guess! Tomorrow you will find out that under this property is a bed of gold ore worth millions!

Can this deal of $100k get any better?
All I can say is God must really like you on this one.

Will you have me rolling on the floor laughing right now!!!!! That's how I feel, it's like everyday it gets better. Truly amazing! I must admit when you said if I can easily sell it for $250k then I'd be a bad businessman if I didn't it made sense. The problem was I was trying to sell it to my list of rehabbers. It's not worth rehabbing this property.. The builders working that neighborhood will pay the most. I'm happy with whatever we settle on. I never was trying to be greedy but I'm glad I didn't sell to the first bidder. If I've learned anything on this deal its to have an open mind to what can work in certain neighborhoods. If this house wasn't in a high end town it'd be a totally different story. And have a big list of buyers, including builders.

4% if I can find someone to pay 275k? Message me the address Deshone Drummond, I know a builder. This is why you shop it around, let the market determine the price!

Hi everyone,
I haven't been on here for a while and I just wanted to let everyone know what has happened. We went under contract last Monday on this property. I sold it to a builder in Westfield for $225,000. We close on the 30th. He's going to knockdown the house and build another on the lot. 10% is in escrow and the only contingency is clear title. Thanks again for everyone's input and advice on this deal and they'll be more to come. I am of course very thankful to start the year like this. God bless

Congratulations to you, Deshone "Tebow" Drummond :)

Lol Steve thank you my friend.

Wow, congrats is in order. $125k wholesale profit (less a few fees I'm sure) is about the best I have ever heard of on a locked deal of only $100k. Talk about some serious mark-up profit.

Again, congrats.

Thanks a lot Will. Its definitely a blessing. Great way to start the year.

Thank God we closed today. Net profit is $118,640. It's funny, we actually put the house directly next door under contract today. We were able to stop a foreclosure situation and get her some of her equity, when i was buying this one i noticed the totally unkept house next door. Pursued it and ended up getting it. It's amazing how God works these things. So this ones done. Thanks again for everyone's input. God bless.

I'm very serious when I say - I'm happy for you -


Wow, nice work Deshone Drummond! I hope my first deal brings 10% of yours. Congrats!

Thanks so much Jenkins I appreciate it. Brandon thanks a lot. This is definitely an outlier but if you expect big you'll get big. You guys already know how I believe I got this deal so I do believe in supernatural things, I believe in amazing grace, but this just proves deals like this exist in today's market. Be encouraged and have faith, all hard work brings a profit.

Deshone Drummond Congratulations!!!!! That is Awesome!!!

That's what i love about this business, any day you could come up BIG!

Again Congrats!

Michael Galloway

You should get a "donor" badge here on BP (HINT) ...

Michael thank you my friend. That's one of the things I love most also!! The singles are good, the doubles are great, the triples are outstanding but there's no feeling like a home run. I guess the combination of all of these add up to a great career.

Hey Steve, wish I knew what that was.

Deshone Drummond, it's funny you mentioned and acted on that home next door, the re-habber noticed that "slum" next door and thought it detracted from the hood. Glad you acted on that, just taught me a lesson! We have to get together with some of the New Jersey BP'ers at a diner. Congrats!

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BTW, are flipping to the same builder on that one? Can I get my re-habber too look at that one?

Hey Keith, yeah everyone who looked at it couldn't help but notice that house next door. Yes the builder and I are working together on the deal. It's worth more to him for obvious reasons and we agreed from the start not to bid against each other. We're acting as partners with me doing all the talking with the sellers since I had a rapport already built from the first time I introduced myself to them, told them I bought the house next door and asked of they'd be interested in a cash offer. That woman took my card that day and as she says put it right in her bible. The rest is history. They're going to need about 45 days to move out and we're giving them some upfront moving money.

Things are moving now! I just saw your pretty mug, giving props to Sean Terry on the first $17,500 you made... http://flip2freedomnow.com/ You going to his Atlanta show?

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