Anybody use Turbo Tenant

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@Ramon Copeland I have not personally used Turbo Tenant, but I am familiar with tenant screening through some of the other software companies who also offer free tenant screening options for landlords. I know Turbo Tenant uses TransUnion to run credit reports, which Innago also uses. Cozy and Tenant Cloud partner with other companies to run checks, but from what I've seen, Turbo Tenant's screening process looks pretty similar to the above-mentioned property management software's screening processes. Here is an article that may be helpful in giving you an idea of what Turbo Tenant's screening process and report looks like:

Hopefully someone else who has personally used Turbo Tenant can chime in as well!

I’m not pleased.  I had several applicants let me know that they felt the process to be invasive and there were non performance concerns about statutory legal violations in California regarding tenant fees, reports, and refunds...which they don’t do, and what happens to their sensitive personal $$ info.

Turbo Tenant is a very different experience for property owner/investor and applicants/tenants.  Applicants are the ones paying the up front fees.  Landlords don’t, so we can’t know if there are issues unless a tenant/applicant tells us.

Several applicants complained to me about their TT experience and others declined to submit apps through turbo tenant after stating they were spooked by multiple emails and text messages “reminding” them to complete their apps and pay the $45 fee for each applicant’s background/credit check, and they submitted all the required info yet weren’t provided copies or the required refunds as required by law, and landlords have reported they never got them either, so declined the applicants.  There are several negative reviews about this to which TT replies they “don’t do refunds,” which is illegal. 
More than one couple paid $90 total ($45x2)  and never got a copy...although it was clear TT has the ability to send them, due to previous multiple email and text communications to fill out the form/provide confidential personal info. These applicants were genuinely concerned about phishing, in addition to being ripped off, and so did I, because when I ran their info using “Old school” services the reports were positive, and they’ve been great tenants. 

A landlord has no way of knowing if an applicant completed the TT process and I personally ignored other prospective tenants based on non receipt of TT feedback only to be contacted by the parties weeks later insisting they did. They provided screen shots of the completed financial transactions, said they also never got copies of the reports, and were denied refunds with TT referencing their "no refunds" policy. That's illegal, and they still have the sensitive data, which is a valuable commodity.

So, that’s a concern:

1- because I passed over more than one good tenant

2- legally- if you live in a state where there are statutory requirements about refunds for non performance.

3- personal data is a valuable commodity.

Ive checked the reviews by tenants on other sites who complain of the same.  That means TT collected $90/couple and did not perform the service...and landlords have no way of knowing unless prospective tenants offer us feedback.  This happened to me 3 times, and along with the other online tenant reviews, that’s meaningful.

TT also does not do employment verifications. 

Ive not had these issues with and the single service providers I’ve been using, and it honestly doesn’t take much of my time to confirm employment and references. It’s my business.  

I have discontinued using TT due to these red flags. With more and more reports of class actions and federal investigations against .com boomers for non performance and legal lapses, I’m sticking to what I know works each time.

I used Turbo Tenant and I would again. It completely streamlined the process. Most importantly, it removed me from the application/credit check process. The area in CA where I rented out my property is extremely sensitive to landlord credit check fees. The applicant pays the fee to Turbo Tenant,  then they can use the turbo tenant site to
use their same credit app at other properties. My area has extremely low availability for rental units. I was simply inundated with applicants even at $2750/mo rent and Turbo Tenant weeded out the serious from the not-credit-worthy. My tenants have paid through the pandemic without issue.