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Hi all. I'm checking in after getting my duplex in a C class area in Philadelphia. I've been having some trouble with the tenants in a property next door. First issue: the LANDLORD hires a gentleman to come through my driveway to cut down a tree. The gentleman was behind my car. I asked the gentleman to leave the property and instead of him leaving, of course he found it acceptable to argue. It escalated to the point of me calling the police.

I reached out to the property owner to attempt to gain some common ground, which surely did not happen. Long story short, the property owner seemed to find it appropriate to allow a stranger that she hired on my property.

Just two days ago, the landlord’s tenant decides it was acceptable to block my driveway to make a sale of a motorcycle. I asked the gentleman who was blocking the driveway to move his vehicle. The gentleman refused to move the vehicle and again began to argue.

I called the police yet another time unfortunately. After the gentleman moved his vehicle and the police leave. The tenant decides to address me about calling the police.

Listen, at this point I’m finding the landlord responsible for the tenants behavior and realize that even the landlord lacks common sense.

What do you all think of this? I hate to get cops involved in these situations, but we have a ticket to tow law in place where I must call the police pertaining to the driveway.

I don' t know the specific layout but it can sometimes be necessary to access adjacent properties to cut down a tree. Usually you arrange that with a neighbor. I would try to reach agreement on the tree trimming access as you have tried with the landlord. I think when people dig in there can be issues, this person will be a neighbor for awhile. I would admit you got off to a bad start and try again to reach agreement. It may be in your best interest to allow access to cut the tree.

As for blocking the driveway I would not argue with the tenant just let them know that you will call the police should the driveway be blocked and then institute towing. There is no need to argue him against you. Just be calm and consistent.  

@Kahleah Manigault   of course he should have notified you and I wouldn't expect someone to start arguing when it is obvious they are on someone else's property but you want to de-escelate, Neighbors are long term relationships you don't get to choose.  As long as the landlord has your contact info and you have opened the channels of communication that is a start.  Good luck. 

I have a slightly different take on the situation than those who posted before me.  It appears that your duplex has been "available" in the past to anyone who needed to use the yard.  No one enforced boundaries so they made sure to use it.  And, then when you came along and objected, they got ugly.  Huh?  Yes, they're screaming they are the victim, how dare you not allow them to use your property however they see fit.  So, what should you be: now know you're dealing with disrespectful, stupid people - so don't deal with them at all. They are not worth your time and attention.  Do this instead:

1.  Post small No Trespassing signs on all four corners of your property. Without that notice, the police in my area will not enforce. 

2.  Consider putting up a fence or hedge between the two properties. I would want a little barrier between myself and stupid.

3.  Make sure you have good exterior lighting.

4.  Put up a security camera.  Even a fake one will make them take pause.  Two might even make them stop.

5.  And, of course, don't make eye contact. Avoid, ignore, and let them be stuck with themselves. Call it karma.

Take a little time and invest a little money into protecting and preserving your sanity, privacy, and property rights. You are entitled to privacy by law.  You are entitled to the peaceful use of the property by law.  And anyone who tells you to just get along with these fools should enjoy having their driveway blocked and an impromptu motorcycle flea market at their home first.  

Boundary-up!  You got this...

@Patricia Steiner

THANK YOU! I completely agree with your comment. Sure, keeping the peace is the EASY thing to do, but it comes down to the fact that the property belongs to me. I’m not paying for their conveniences. I am currently working on getting a gate up, have cameras, towing signs, one private property sign, a light that activates at night, and will add anything else I need to until they get the point!