Carpet vs Vinyl Plank flooring in duplex bedrooms

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I have an up/down duplex that needs the carpet replaced in the bedrooms of the down unit. First time doing a replacement of floor covering since I’ve owned the property. Duplex is an old house that doesn’t command high rents.

Should I replace with carpet again? Even though it’s harder to keep clean and doesn’t hold up as well?

Or I’m thinking of spending a bit more on LVP flooring with the thought of it lasting for more than a few years.

My concern with LVP would be the noise transfer to the other unit and it doesn’t seem as homey

Definitely the LVP! I have that in all my units, even some that share walls, and I've never heard anything about 'noise transfer.'  And I've turned the units multiple times without having to do a thing to the floors. 

There is a padding you can buy to go under the LVP if you are really concerned.  I had the same concern for a 1,000 sq.ft. upstairs units, and so far no complaints have been mentioned by the downstairs tenants.