Websites For Deals, Are They Worth It?

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I didn't see anything there that looked like a good deal. The best method is to go direct to seller both on and off MLS.

If you're trying to think of outside the MLS marketplace you can opt to talk to For Sale by Owners so you can speak directly to the sellers.

Tired landlord off-market deals is your best bet for buying at a discount. Second option would be homes that can't sell on the MLS, which is what I do.

FSBO homes tend to be priced way too high because the seller usually thinks their house is worth more then it is.

The ONLY website good for deals...

is your OWN SEO optimized website!


If you are willing to PAY a wholesaler fee. If you are willing to PAY for a lead from some website, why not invest that money into SEO that will give you lasting results!

In fact there is a strategy out there called "The Forced Traffic & Conversion" Strategy.

Look it up. Doing it this way will have you market like a pro while your marketing budget is paying for it self!