How to find wholesalers?

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I don't necessarily want to be a wholesaler but when I search "how to find a wholesaler" on YouTube, many videos come up about how to spot a house that may be good for wholesaling. 😂

Anyway, where should I look to find wholesalers in NC?

I could have success finding a few (many) on this app so here is this post to hopefully attract some of them! Are there any other forums they might be on?

My purpose in finding wholesalers is so that when I'm working with clients looking for houses to flip, we have a variety of places to see and people to go to for options.

Building my network early!


I'd recommend searching Facebook for local real estate investing groups.  Wholesalers are usually pretty active there and always looking to add to their cash buyer lists!  

@Chelsea Gatewood I'm a wholesaler in NC. Feel free to reach out to me! We have done over 20 transactions (wholesale, sub-to, seller finance) 

I think @Yoann Dorat is pointing you in a great direction. There will be a lot of wholesalers in Facebook groups who have ZERO ideas about what they are doing. However, the "we buy houses" websites are either being pushed to you through PPC (expensive and no newbie uses it) or SEO, which takes time. These companies should be high quality and actually doing deals. 

@Ethan Neumann - nice!  Where did you learn about creative financing?  I read Brandon Turner's book last year, but I think there's a lot of nuance and skill to navigating a seller to be open to creative financing.  

@Ethan Neumann Ahh!  I've been watching his Youtube content and a wholesaler I spoke to highly recommended his mentorship course.  I haven't done a deal yet thru wholesaling, but should I wait?  The wholesaler I spoke with said that he was able to convert many more leads after going thru the course... and my mind exploded.  

If you're looking to start a real estate business, investing in wholesale properties is one of the best ways to go. However, finding good wholesalers can be really tough and time-consuming. One of the best sources where you can get in touch with lots of qualified wholesalers in NY are local real estate investment public groups on Facebook. 

Chelsea - Search Facebook and Craigslist for ads, specifically those that say I Buy Houses. You can also find them by looking for Bandit Signs.

BTW - I am a wholesaler in the Fayetteville, NC market. PM me if this is an area you are targeting.