Should We Be Second Guessing This Billionaire?

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When it comes to Detroit and the various outlooks that real estate Investors harbor in regard to whether or not to deploy capital, I am neither advocate, activist or torch bearer for the city. 

I will however submit that when a billionaire takes a 1.3 billion dollar CASH position in real estate over the course of four years leading right up to here in 2014 in a "dying" city, it might cause one to entertain a possible rethink about our beloved Motor City and the future it may hold. 

After all, as 2013 Census data will indicate, the metro Detroit area is still ranked as the 15th largest in the nation with 4+million folks residing, ranked just below a very favored yet crowded Phoenix Az investing market. 

Do your homework and give it some thought. Here's something to read whilst thinking...

I see greater things coming for those that can realize the potential in a New Detroit. When all the pieces are put into place the core city area will be transformed into a "Live, Work, Play, Shop and Entertainment District.

as long as detroit keeps voting people in who keep raising taxes, i dont see much hope .  you'll see the same financial collapse happen in cleveland, chicago, and philli soon enough...

Excellent read

Gilbert's about as smart as they come.

@James Wise  

Wait until he moves the Cavaliers and Lebron to Detroit.  :-)

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