2016 Crash

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I am new to REI and noticed a lot of seasoned investors have been buzzing for awhile about this 2016 crash. What should I be doing as an investor to prepare? I currently am 15 months into a house hack/live and flip deal. I can't cash out until May of 2016 to defer capital gains. Will I be okay? Is this the right idea?? And is it a bad idea to do another deal before next May? Appreciate any other ideas. Thanks!

We can't predict the  future but we can plan for it.  If the market cashes I say bring it on because I will be ready to snatch up the deals from people being forced to sell.

As far as are you ok until May 2016....likely you are because that is a great time of the year to sell property.

When everyone is buying is when you should probably sell & when people are selling is when you should buy!  

Define crash?  I think prognostication has been statistically debunked.  We can only make educated guesses based on  historical norms.

We are due for a recession at some point but its tough to forecast exactly when so why try?

The only prudent course is what is l the likely worst case scenario and plan for that.

Bottom line we were all traumatized by the great recession.   This next correction should be relatively painless by comparison in my most likely scenario model.

@Jacob Casarez

I'm not losing any sleep.  Who are these "seasoned investors" that you're referring to?

I've done 800+ deals and I don't see a crash and would challenge anybody who says there is going to be a crash to document that with evidence.  I call BS.

Seasoned investors like Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett. Kiyosaki has been well documented to have been calling this 2016 crash for years now. Afterall he did call the 08 crash despite being mocked and laughed at by other investors. Now advised investors and Kiyosaki are calling 2016 to be much bigger than 2008. Was just wondering who all is familiar with this??

Jacob.. There will always be investors calling a crash.  It is good to do your own research.  Real estate is cyclical, just like any type of investing. Keep you eye on the other markets (stock, bond, ect) and the real estate market in California.  Last crash ('08) was first noticed on the west coast and then spread rapidly to the east coast.  

The best bet is to position yourself so a crash will not effect you that much.  So watch your leverage positions because they are most vulnerable to a crash..

Just my humble opinion..

It will crash for certain. I have no experience in economics or real estate but I have seen enough math to know that the system we are in is unsustainable. People believe what they want and if you look at what is going on in the world (as well as what true experts have been saying who correctly predict trends) you will see that you don't want to be in real estate when the bubble bursts. We will move into a gold standard after the crash and things will be very different. Would love to talk with others who are also waiting to invest until after the dollar revaluation. 

I'm very curious to see how this forecast plays out in the next quarter, particularly for Brooklyn. We have been actively searching to purchase a co-op since last August (which is most within financial comfort), and the combination of outrageous prices + fierce competition has dragged this process on for over half a year.

Perhaps this crash - or dip, dip sounds nicer - will be that window of opportunity for us buyers to swoop on in. ✌️