Rentometer keep or ditch it

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Is there a new rental tool on BP? I have used Rentometer and really like it but if I can get the same info and reporting from BP with my pro brainer

I have subscribed to Rentometer for a couple of years and like it. I thought I heard on a BP Podcast that BP had a new rentometer like tool. If not, I will re-up with Rentometer. 

Thanks for the input. Rentometer seems to be a better option in regards to being user friendly. I think the reporting function is much better than what is on BP currently. No doubt BP will improve the tools but for now Rentometer is a better tool. 

@Tony Wallis , a few months ago I cancelled my rentometer subscription. Shortly after I got a 'consider this offer' email with them offering me to keep my subscription for half the price. Not sure if that will be the case now but worth a shot if you're trying to save a few bucks.