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SECRET #4 Stop Looking For DEALS. Let Them Find You Instead



Alright! If you are here is because you probably read the previous blog posts where we covered amazing concepts that can be applied to your real estate marketing right away!

If you haven't read them yet, I encourage you to read them before continuing with the SECRET #4 so you can get the most of this information.


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Let's start. If you have read the past blogs you already know what I'm talking about.

If you remember in the secret #1 "THE SECRET FORMULA" we talked about WHO your Ideal clients are and WHERE to find them.

Well, a lot of people know right away WHO they want to do business with. In Real Estate you already know what's your niche Right?

If you are a FLIPPER, you are looking for distressed properties. Probably you will find them in the old neighborhoods of your city, those houses could be 100% owned because of the age (But who knows) Well, these properties have owners with certain characteristics that we want to use to target them at the time to run ads. Those are your "WHO" or your ideal audience.

If you want to rent a home or apartments. Well you have an specific criteria you want your tenants to have in order to filter the ideal ones from the pain-in-the-butt-ones.

We then use that criteria to target them at the moment to create the ads for that audience. You get the point.

The same if you are interested in motivated sellers that are getting divorced, the ones that can longer pay their mortgage, etc.

That's the easy part, where the majority of people struggles the most is in the next step! the "WHERE?"

Many people know WHO they want as clients but many don't know WHERE they are! and how to send them to the Funnel. That's the reason many businesses spam the whole world with ADS hoping that everybody turn into their clients.

The process of getting people to come to your funnels is called "DRIVING TRAFFIC" So when I talk about traffic in these blog posts I'm talking about people you are convincing (through an AD) to visit your funnels.

Many people then ask. How do I drive more traffic to my Funnel?

But before we get into that. We have to make sure that we understand the concept of "CONGREGATIONS"

One of the coolest things in the INTERNET is the power of congregations. Before the internet was created, people were limited by location in order to join and share some common interest.

Now it's a lot easier. With internet we can connect and discuss any topic we are interested in with any person in the world.

Bigger Pockets is an example of this. This is a community, a "Congregation" where every person interested in Real Estate Investing can join and participate with all members with out being limited by location or time.

We all live in different cities or even countries, but we still connected.

So In order to let people find you, you have to find those congregations first. Look for forums online, look for small communities in your city where people with the characteristics of your ideal clients meet.

Socialize with them  and they will know who you are and what you do. Then they will know you are the guy to go with when they need you.

As an example: My self. I'm personally interested in Real Estate investing (But my experience is not too advanced in this field) But I know more about online marketing and I understand technology and I know that Many real estate investors know that Marketing and technology are crucial skills to have in order to excel their investing game.

So I started to apply the SECRET #4. (I was like: Where do all these people congregate?) I researched and I found BIGGER POCKETS. A community of Real Estate interested individuals.

Now, I'm applying all the other SECRETS providing VALUE through all this posts so you can Know me, Like me and Trust me.

I will be doing this and Running ads that you probably will watch because you are part of my IDEAL AUDIENCE, then I'm going to take you through my funnel, and then we'll be working together in the near future. 

I'm not spamming anyone because I know that you want to have a great, amazing personalized marketing plan that works for YOU. And I'm the guy Who is giving you for FREE all the knowledge you need to build your own system your self.

Then some of you will pass this info to your geek guy for them to apply it but is not going to work the same because I have the right knowledge and mentors that will make all of this work.

Then others will say: "I know I need this but is to much technology, and I don't want to mess with it. I'd better hire someone to do it for me" 

Then you will say: "MMM, Would this guy, Mario be interested in setting this whole weird system for me?"

 Then You will contact me. I will design  and plan the whole thing for you. Guess how much is it going to cost? NOTHING! is FREE is my Holly BAIT! But WHO cares RIGHT? It's something that you WANT and that you need. And I'm the one who is going to give that for FREE when there are many "agencies" out there selling you services that don't work, like social media management, SEO, Website design, keyword research, and a bunch of things that, YESS they are important! but don't get results right now!

Then you will see the VALUE of all this, and you will say: "You know what? this works, I'll invest a little in my marketing to boost it a little bit more."

Then you will say: "Holly cow, I like this. Mario can we take it to the next level?"

and I'll be like: "You are the boss! Let's do it"

You see! You found me! The only thing I needed to know was where my Ideal Clients were. Then I put my self in the middle and boom! You just found me because I'm providing you VALUE.

That's how it works! and if you are reading this is because you want to improve your marketing right?

And if you like me and trust me. Who is the person you will ask for help? possibly me.

When you know WHO your ideal audience is and where they congregate.Now How on earth do you make them leave their favorite website to get them to visit your funnel instead?

Well, this is what my mentor call "THE ENQUIRER INTERRUPT" process.


Normal 1532987133 The Enquirer Interrupt

The TRICK is in create as much curiosity as possible. Your ADS should be able to get people's attention if you want them to click over your funnels.

People's attention is everywhere, in their phones, in the email, in Facebook, in the traffic, in their jobs, in the YouTube video's thumbnails etc. Your only opportunity to grab their attention is within a few seconds. Around 3 to 5 seconds to be more precise.

If they don't find Interesting what your are trying to display they are gone.

So your job is to create curiosity to interrupt their brains and make them turn to you and invite them to take some kind of action if they want to know more.

Then! because we know we have seconds before they start getting distracted again we have to collect some sort of communication data, such as email or phone number. This way we'll be able to follow up in the future and your AD would have completed it's mission successfully.

Did you know that The National Enquirer is one of the most read newspaper in the world? Well, is not because of luck! Is because this simple concept that I just shared with you.

Google it, go to the image section so you can get some inspiration to create your ads.

You'll notice that the magazine always uses a strange or unusual image to grab the eye, then it uses short, punchy headlines (basically describing something weird, unusual or shocking) that causes curiosity enough for people to buy a copy.

They interrupt your brain to make you pay attention to the magazine.

You will notice that being a marketer is not posting little pictures on Facebook and Instagram as many people think. Being a marketer is having the mind of a PSYCHO MANIAC that studies his PRAY to attack.

Marketing is an art of persuading people and taking them to where you want them to go.

That was what I covered in one previous Posts called "What The ONLINE MARKETING Gurus Don't Want You To Know"

That's why I ask you to use you Marketing powers for GOOD! and to help people instead of just going after their money. Let's be respectful with our audience.

Also you'll notice that identifying your ideal audience and where to find them is not the end of the story. You still need to be able to grab their attention! and use those few seconds to capture some valuable contact info.

Remember! you only have 3 to 5 seconds!

Ready?  GOOOO!


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  1. Great article @Mario Gonzalez

    I know who I'll be reaching out to when I'm ready to ramp up my marketing. 

    1. Derek I'm glad you liked it.

      Thanks for the comment. 

      If you need any advice. Feel free to Contact Me.

      Sincerely Mario.  :D