Posted about 2 years ago

Social Media Management For Real Estate Business Sucks! Here is Why!


OK, I think I´m exaggerating here, but honestly! Please hear (read) my words.

First of all I want to make sure that everybody is in the same channel as me. I'm not against Social media management, in fact I think is one of the best ways to promote your real estate business. Also I think that if you are not using Social Media you are missing out a great opportunity to make a great impact.

So why the heck I titled this post "Social Media Management For Your RE Business Sucks! Here is Why!" ? Well, because a lot of people have a wrong concept of Social Media and a wrong concept of all the other tools used for digital marketing such as SEO, Copy-writing, blogging, YouTube videos, etc.

Many people think that creating a buzz online is the best way to advertise to get business but that's not true. In fact, you probably would be wasting your time and efforts in vain.

Also if you have hired someone (freelancer) or an agency to do this for you, I'll take the risk to say that you're probably wasting money as well. 

I'm not saying that all marketing agencies suck. There are a lot that are amazing! but  what I want to share with you is the information you need so you can judge by yourself if your marketing efforts are worth doing the way you are managing them now or if you need to make some changes in your marketing plan.

OK, let's get started. Newspaper sucks, Radio sucks, TV sucks, Social media sucks, websites suck, Do you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is? Well, it sucks too. Blogging sucks, posting videos sucks, and everything related to marketing sucks!

BUT MARIO WHY?     WHY SUCKS? What am I supposed to do then?

All your marketing efforts will suck always it doesn't matter how good they are or how many pictures on Instagram you have. Heck not even the LIKES or Comments will work.


If you are not leveraging all your marketing efforts and guiding them towards a final objective, then nothing is going to work.

That's why I said that it doesn't matter if you have a million of people liking your posts. If you are not guiding those people to your FUNNELS (Your new Real Estate marketing plan) there's no gain, no value and no ROI.

At the end of the day, social media, websites, blogs, videos and the internet itself are JUST TOOLS to get your message out there. NOTHING ELSE.

Internet has made it easier to reach people but it doesn't matter how many people is online if you don't have the right system to capture them.

Is like an ocean full of fish, if you don't have the right tools to fish them nothing will happen.

Shoals of fish are not going to jump to my boat by me only SHOUTING to the winds "Fish!!! come to me!!!!"

I need proper tools to get capture them!

Look! this is true story!

Back in the day a few years ago I called many marketing companies to know what their services were and their pricing. I did this to have a perspective of how I could structure my own agency.

Well, every time I reached out to these Agencies I faked to be a small business owner looking for help with my marketing.

Something like this:

ME: "Hey, this is Mario. I own a coffee shop in xyz city and I want to know If you could help me with my advertising"

AGENCY: "Hey thank you for choosing us. Sure! what do you need?"

ME:"(In my head thinking: mmmm advertising?) Promote my business"

AGENCY: Well, we provide a variety of services. What are you interested in?

ME: mmm I'm not sure. I just want to promote my shop.

AGENCY: OK. Do you need a website? or Do you already have one?

ME: I don't have a website. Do I need one ?

AGENCY: Most of the businesses have at least a basic one. If you want us to do one for you, we can do that.

ME: mm ok sounds good. How much is it going to cost?

AGENCY: It all depends.

ME: Depends on what?

AGENCY: Depending on how fancy you want it, how many images, the number of pages, etc.

ME: mmm I don't know. You are the expert. How much do you charge normally to your other clients?

AGENCY: Well, most of our clients pay around $2000 for a website but as I said, It will depend on your needs. That could vary, plus a monthly fee for maintenance, hosting and domain name. 

ME: I got you. And what other services do you offer to promote my coffee shop?

AGENCY: If you are interested in SEO or COPY-WRITING we do that too.

ME: Excuse me. What's That?

AGENCY: Well it's a little bit hard to explain but it helps people find your So if you want the website, probably you will need these other services.

ME: Oh! mmm Ok. and How much that would be?

AGENCY: Would be  an estimate of $2000 + montlhy fees for the website and $1500 monthly for the SEO and Copy-writing services.

ME: And how is that going to bring me clients?

AGENCY: Well, if people find you online they will go to your place.

At this moment I was abashed... how on earth are these agencies getting people to pay them for this kind of CR.....P?

Sorry. Let's continue.

ME: OK, what if I need help in my social media?

AGENCY: OH we can do that too. Just send us the images and a script of what you want us to post and we'll do it for you.

ME: is it going to raise my costs?

AGENCY: Yes. If you want that the price is higher.

That's enough!

You see!

That is a summary of many conversations I had with different Digital Marketing companies.

They were selling me services that a typical client don't even understand. And they pay for that because they think that's the right thing to do.

Social media is the new thing! WOOO!! let's hire an agency to do all the buzz for us! It'll be fun!!! WOO!

Im not saying that a website is not important, that SEO is not important that copywriting is not important. It is in some way but is not what you need to get results. That is techy bluff!

You pay for results! you pay for a system working for you 24/7. You pay for a marketing plan suited for you.

The only thing a marketer needs to know is your end GOAL! The thing you want to achieve. then from there we put all the pieces together to make you get what you want. That's it.

The problem with many Agencies offering these services don't build a system for you. they just create the buzz for you! but they are not directing those efforts and those people to go to where you want them to go (Your end goals)

If you don't have a system in place like the FUNNELS we covered in the previous posts nothing will work for your Real Estate business.

The system covered in the SECRETS blog series is the SPINE, the BACKBONE that will lead the right people to your end goal.

Once you have the system in place and a direction. Then you are ready to use all your energy to send all those people to your objective.

If the person who is doing your marketing is only making the buzz but not actually building a system for you to accomplish an specific goal you have. Then, tell them to do it.

Please don't fall in the trap of paying for social media management buzz and techy bluff.

Pay for a system that works for YOU!

I hope you are finding this information valuable.

Sincerely MARIO