Posted over 10 years ago

First redemption 2012

Well the check for the first lien redemption came the other week. The owner of the mixed commercial/apartment building paid off his tax lien in April. I bought the certificate in February and it was for 2 years of taxes.

Made $52.06 in interest on a $5,206.47. Kind of makes the calculation easy that way - 1% for 2 months (6% annualized). Beats the heck out of a savings or money market fund.

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  1. That's great, Jerry. Perhaps you could share with others how you got into liens and how you went about buying them? I'm sure people would be interested in learning from your experiences.

    1. Thanks for commenting Josh. I actually went into detail in the previous blog posts about how I chose the tax liens I invested in this year. This was one of the Arizona liens from those posts and I even had a couple pictures of the underlying property in one of the blog posts.

    2. I'll have to do some digging, then.