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Worried about EPA issues? They have a website...

About to buy a property or tax lien and worried about EPA issues? Want to know if there are any EPA issues with your neighbors? (That rancid smell from the anti-social guy's house up the block HAS to be toxic - right?)

The EPA has a simple website that allows you to quickly see if any EPA issues are noted on the parcel.

Do a Google, Bing, Yahoo search for "Cleanups in my Community". It will take you to the EPA page or click this link to go to the page.

Scroll down to the "Find your community" section:

Small 1398787292 Epa Page

And then you can use a street address, or city, county, state, zip code to show the area. Then click "Map It!" and the map zooms to the area showing several different colored symbols indicating the types of EPA issues.

Small 1398787664 Denver Epa

You can look at the legend on the page to determine what each symbol means. Then hover and click on a symbol to see the address and details of the issue for the parcel.

Small 1398788169 Epa Details

You can get all kinds of information on the site as well. Including Grants (you don't have to pay back) for cleaning up sites.

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  1. It's pretty interesting the information you can get from the internet if you take a little time to search. This is a really simple and fast way to see what sites have issues if you're interested in buying.

  2. Awesome info. I had no idea this resource existed.

  3. Great info, Jerry! Thanks for the share.