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Posted about 7 years ago

Best Baltimore Property Managers

I am often asked about property managers in Baltimore. Good property managers are hard to find just about everywhere. Baltimore is certainly no exception. Some talk a very good game but then perform poorly. 

They saying goes "No no one will manage your property s well as you will." Well that is not necessarily true. My partner and I are not very good property managers. We have too much on our plate to do the job as effectively as we should. So while we have not yet moved to outsource property management, when we do I suspect it will be one of the people below.


Are the Mangers below really the best? Honestly I don't know. They are all people who I know and most consider as friends. Please keep in mind that listing them below is NOT an endorsement by me. Please do your own due diligence.  While I update this from time to time some of the below may no longer manage properties for others

Glenn Mostow

I have known Glenn for more than a decade but we haven't talked for few years. I happened to call Glenn recently. He has done very well in real estate since we last spoke. I asked who he uses to manage his properties and he said he does his own property management. He set up a management company and manages his own and also for others. Glenn said he would be happy to take on new clients. Glenn is not a BP member but you can reach him at [email protected].

Update 10/1/2022 - I just spoke to Glen and he has gotten rid of most of his properties and is now just focused on property management. He is hungry to grow his management business. 

PropertyWize Management

Michelle Yang and Shanicka Sudler have joined up to create PropertyWize. Michelle has been managing properties for one of my companies for almost 7 years now. Michelle is meticulous, honest and fair, just what you want in a property manager. She is. an EPA Certified Renovator #R-I-18506-10-10969 and a National REIA Certified Professional Housing Provider. Michelle's partner Shanicka has an MBA degree and 10+ years in property management.PropertyWize manages Single family homes as well as Multi Family properties.

Email: [email protected]

410-372-6512 (o)
410-989-1161 (c)

Rob Griffin

KMA Property Management LLC

Rob Griffin is the man in charge there. I have known him for several years. He is currently doing a complete rehab for me.  Rob is a general contractor, a licensed RE Broker, as well as a property manager. He is a one stop shop. Rob has owned hundreds of units and manager upwards of a thousand over his 15+ years in the business

Rob's direct line is 410-322-2070,  If you can't reach him the office number is 410-282-5800,

Tyrus Shivers

Tyrus is a regular here on BP and recently started a Property Management business.  Here is his BP profile   Tyrus Shivers

Denise Urhin

Ultimate Homes Realty 

Denise Uhrin is a licensed real estate broker and property manager. She regularly works with investors and can help you find deals as well as manage them. She owns many rental properties herself, so she understands the business from the inside. She is a member here on Bigger Pockets but not particularly active.   Ultmate Homes Realty

Seth Sherman

Seth is a regular poster here when Baltimore is mentioned. He is a seasoned investor who knows how to deal with Baltimore's, tenants, neighborhoods and City Bureaucracy.
Update:  Seth is no longer a member here and may not be doing property management any more. 

Joe Haney

I have lunch with Joe on a regular basis. He is a sharp and experienced guy. [email protected]


Chad Gallagher (717) 413-6976 [email protected]

PS  Previously Mark Owens was on this list but he tells me he no longer does tenant placement or management services.

 PPS: here is a thread that mentions some of the above. Property Manager Needed in Baltimore City

Comments (23)

  1. Great post, very useful information, thanks Ned!

  2. I can't thank you enough for this information! I do want to build a business relationship and get into doing some flips in the near future. Which would you suggest?

  3. Hey Ned thank you for this.  I know I am a couple of years late and new to this but if you had to recommend the best baltimore property manager in the lower income/section 8 areas who would you suggest?

    1. @Jeffrey Castellano I believe all of those mentioned will do section 8 rentals. Which ones would do it in lower end neighborhoods I am not sure, you just have to make some calls. 

      My gut tells me Seth Sherman may be the best choice for your situation. All of these people know me  so you can mention my name if that helps.

      1. Hi! Also late to this article as recently have been having issues with my property purchased from ABC Capital and desperately need to find a new property manager. Do you have the contact info for Seth Sherman? Is he still in property management? His Biggerpockets profile you linked is no longer active and says "account closed". So far I reached out to PropertyWize. Thanks for the recommendations! 

  4. Ned, thanks so much for this info! Question: would you recommend different folks on this list for Class A/B vs C/D management in Baltimore? It looks like some of the folks on your list have different specialty areas when it comes to their services (construction, buyers agent, experience navigating city regs, etc) that could be more or less beneficial depending on the circumstance.

    I am going to be a first time landlord, converting my primary residence in Canton, which was renovated in 2012 (call it a low end class A or high end class B). I want someone who is going to both reduce my hassle and educate me a bit on the business. Potentially also helping me grow my portfolio.  Thanks for any thoughts!

    1. First of all anything in Canton would be a A rental in Baltimore as far as I am concerned.. I wouldn't even consider Canton a rental neighborhood.

      Most property managers would be happy to manage a unit in Canton. Many won't do lower end neighborhood though. I don't have a specific recommendation who would be best for that.

  5. Ned:  Who would you recommend for an apartment complex of 30-50 units?  Thanks!

    1. @Ned Carey Who would you recommend for an apartment complex of 30-50 units? Thanks!

    2. Sorry I don't have a specific recommendation for that size building. 

  6. @Ned CareyThis is the best information I was looking for. Much appreciated. Happy new year.

    1. Mohammed, you are welcome

  7. Ned,

    If you had to rank 1 as the best, who would it be?  (Without degrading the others on this list, of course.)

    1. @Ramsin Jacob Ha, I should pay more attention. I just saw you comment now.  I currently work with Michelle Yang of PropertyWize. I would probably try Joe Haney next.

  8. Thanks for this info Ned, helpful indeed

  9. Thanks @Ned Carey! I'm in the process of looking for a PM. This is extremely helpful. 

  10. Nice list Ned.  I spent some time in 2014 and early 2015 looking for a PM in the Baltimore area.  Tough process, many wanted to be what amounted to a free lance employees or just didn't have good references.
    I've asked every buy and hold/landlord I've met at BWI.  I haven't had any that would recommend one.  I know not a scientific sample.  <Grin>
    I ended up buying in another area.
    I'll certainly keep this list if I come back to that area.  Thanks

  11. Thanks for this post Ned.  Great info.

  12. We have had good luck with Bay Management.

  13. This information is absolutely priceless!

  14. Thanks Ned.  You are always a great help!

    1. Thanks for reading Nyala

  15. Great post - thanks Ned!! I wish I had this months ago- I wasted a ton of time looking for a property manager and this wouldve saved me a ton of time. I'll keep in handy just in case my current guy doesnt work out.