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Top Home Design Trends To Consider In 2015

– Many go by the old saying “New Year, New Look”. While this saying can apply to a variety of things from a person to a house, let’s apply it to the home in this article.

Wondering what design trends are here to stay and what trends are in the past? If you are looking for a little home design inspiration, then here is a list of the top 10 home design trends for 2015:

1) Wallpaper
- What was once a faux pas of home interior design is now making a comeback in 2015. Although we will admit that the 80’s and 90’s wallpaper still may not be ‘in’, the overall concept of wallpaper is. Textured wallpapers and large, bold prints are the ‘in’ thing for wallpaper. Wallpaper is no longer just paper as it is now made with flexible glass, metal and canvas. Top designers predict that the new wallpaper trend is here to stay for at least the next decade.

2) Modern, Mid-Century Modern and Retro Design Elements- From geometric shapes to woven upholstery, a retro modern look is in for everything from architecture to furniture. Home design and décor experts have weighed in and are in agreement that retro statements are going to stick around for a while. Pair them with a modern twist, to get a great design element.

3) Outdoor Living- This is one of the few trends on the list that has been an ongoing trend over the past few years. More and more homeowners want to spend time outdoors in their own backyards. Outdoor entertainment spaces and kitchens are among the most popular outdoor living additions.

4) Salon-Style/ Gallery Walls- Make your home personalized with works from the floor to ceiling. Whether you use personal family photos, artwork, mirrors or other hanging item, a showcase of art or photos can showcase meaningful and important things in your life.

5) Copper and Gold Metals- From pot racks to backsplash tiles and fixtures, copper and gold metals are seeing a comeback. No longer are the dated homes that have gold finishes. Some designers are even suggesting clients mix and match finish colors.

6) Color- Deep and rich hues are in. Utilize the same color family throughout a room through coordinating with other decorative pieces and, of course, the wall color. If you are afraid to go too bold with color, then just settle with a ‘pop’ of color through adding decorative accent pillows, vases, and other items.

7) Storage- One can never have too much storage. Ranging from additional closet area to cabinet space and everything in between are at the top of homeowner’s lists.

8) Open Space- Ranging from de-cluttering and arranging furniture for the ‘less is more approach’, open space can also be felt through an open and flowing design plan as well.

9) Freestanding and Soaking Tubs– Gone are the days when bath/shower combos were in high demand as freestanding and soaking tubs have made headway. Freestanding tubs were one of the top bathroom design trends in 2014 and will carry into 2015.

10) Organic Elements- Bring nature indoors. Anything ranging from leaves, sticks and stones can fall into the category of an organic element. The outdoorsy esthetic follows using colors found in nature as well as other pieces such as sea shells, antlers or wood furniture.

A word of caution. Trends can be trendy and what may be popular this year may not be as mainstream next year. Sure, some will have lasting merit but others will be old news next year leaving you to redecorate to stay with the times (and trends).

Interesting and unique spaces are up to the homeowner to create as they are the one that has to live with the style and décor, day in and day out. Beautiful and functional spaces are at the top of most people’s home design list. No matter what your home design style is, you will be sure to find a place or two for these great design styles that are trending for 2015.


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