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Five Tips On How To Deal With Unreasonable Tenants

Five Tips On How To Deal With An Unreasonable Tenant

Five Tips On How To Deal With Unreasonable Tenants

Being a landlord of a rental home has its perks and challenges. On the plus side, it can be a great way to pay off your real estate investment on your property and allow you to obtain good earning that can provide a long-term financial security. On the flip side however, high maintenance and repair costs can send your earnings dwindling. However, the most troubling of issues involves handling discontented and unreasonable tenants.

Managing tenant relations can become extremely challenging if tenants resort to property damage and mismanagement that can escalate your repair costs. More importantly, it can lead to legal conflicts in the form of lawsuits that have a risk of heavy fines and penalties on landlords. Knowing your tenants are happy with you can be the most satisfying part of being a landlord. Here are five tips on how you can better manage tenant relations.

  1. Refer to the written contract or policy – A conflict between two parties only occurs when one each party’s expectations or rights are not fulfilled. In the case of a landlord-tenant conflict, a written tenancy contract’s terms of agreement is the best reference point to quell any fires. It is for this reason why any landlord, before providing accommodation to tenants, must always put a tenancy agreement into writing. Policies on visitors, laundry, and other things must be agreed upon by the potential tenant.
  2. Listen to your tenant’s complaints attentively – One of the most important of skills in managing human relations is the art of listening. According to the famous book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by author Dale Carnegie, listening attentively and letting the other person do most of the talking can easily help become you become a conversational wizard. Listening can be a path to a successful resolution and help you better handle tenant complaints and issues.
  3. Do not delay responding to complaints – A landlord cannot afford to be lazy and unprofessional in his or her duties. It is extremely important to respond to your tenant’s complaints within the appropriate time frame, along with quick and regular follow-ups until your tenant’s issues have been resolved. The quicker you are in resolving your tenant’s complaints, the more likely the tenant will be pleased with you as his or her landlord.
  4. Show genuine concern – It always helps to actually show genuine concern for your tenants regardless of how unfair the tenant is being. This way, the tenant will feel that his queries are taken with the utmost seriousness and importance and may even dismiss his or her complaints because of being high valued. Hence, showing sincere concern to your tenant can go a long way in resolving differences and conflicts.
  5. Do not get angry – The biggest mistake you can make as a landlord is to raise your voice to your tenant. Anger never helps in conflict resolution and can further fuel tensions between you and your tenant. Being calm and polite does not necessarily imply you are not firm and don’t have things under control. It means that you do not

let emotions cloud your judgment and instead approach problems equitably. Good tenant relations are key to effective property management. By implementing the aforementioned tips, any kind of conflict between you and the tenant can be resolved far quickly and safely. To find more info on rental homes, Atlanta property management and property management in general, please visit:

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