Nov 2020 Monthly Market Update

Tuesday, November 10

Summary: With the presidential election still ongoing and Trump getting COVID this past month has been a roller coaster for the stock market. People are fearing what will happen after the new president is announced, while us sophisticated investors are flying under the radar. We give the updates ...

Accredited Coaching Call - CPA from Hawaii

Tuesday, November 03

How to Best Utilize Passive Losses w/ Brandon Hall

Tuesday, October 20

Why You Should Avoid the BRRR Strategy

Tuesday, October 13

The BRRR Strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance) is a hot strategy. The goal is to add enough value to a property so that you can recoup your capital when you refinance. Lane gives his two cents on why this strategy isn't for everyone, especially for individuals who have a higher net worth. Doing ...

Oct 2020 Monthly Market Update

Tuesday, October 06

How to Lead a Fulfilling Life w/ Mariko Frederick

Tuesday, September 29

Summary: Do you have the feeling that you are meant to do more? That your current day job isn't fulfilling and is leaving you to feel like a cog in a big machine? On this episode Lane and Mariko discuss how to overcome these barriers and how to live a more fulfilling life. 🎥 Link: