May 2020 Market Update Investor - Investor Letter #13

Tuesday, May 12

How I made $10k in 2019 with Tradelines on my Credit Cards

Monday, May 04

Throwing away your IT job for real estate

Tuesday, April 28

0:00So I walked away from a 20 year career and it like a sea level. Sea level it career I spent my whole life building killed it. So go all in on real estate. This is 0:15a story about a dude named Lane he moved to the mainland and bought one place to stay. And then one day he went try to rent t...


Wednesday, April 22

0:00Today we’re going to be briefly talking about LLCs. But mostly we’re going to be going over the cares Act, the stimulus plan from the COVID-19, pandemic quince with Anderson advisors. 0:13This is going to be the thing he will try to rent them out. And then he became one real investor me. 0:2...

David McAlvany: Coronavirus - Impact on China's Economy and Real Estat

Wednesday, April 01

SPECIAL CALL - Covid19 Investor Action Plan

Tuesday, March 24