Corporate Short-Term Rentals w/ Al Williamson

Wednesday, February 05

Summary: Short term rentals have become all the rage. However, many investors are on the brink of getting burned. Al Williamson gives his insights on how to position your short-term rentals to meet laws and how to market short-term rentals to create cashflow.  Youtube link:

Wealth Management Tips from Centimillionaire Family Office Advisor

Tuesday, January 28 Summary: Family offices are firms that serve the ultra-high net worth investors such as centimillionaires and billionaires. While many people would be over the moon after receiving a 1 million dollar check after hours of negotiations and meetings, those same individu...

2020 Launch - Guided Goals Webinar

Tuesday, January 21

Summary: Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals and tell your positive peer group your goals and have them give you feedback if your idea is S.M.A.R.T. Learn how you respond to rules/habits are you an upholder, questioner, rebel, or an obliger?

January 2020 GreenSheet #9 Investor Letter

Tuesday, January 14

Dear investor, It was a restful holiday season yet busy time as we transitioned ownership into the last few deal we closed in Q4 of 2019. Links to past PDF slidedecks. Transitioning to Syndications & LP Tips WebinarInfinite Banking with Whole Life Insurance for 2020New investor portal wi...

When is it time to Retire? Accredited Investor Live Coaching Call

Sunday, January 05

When is it time to Retire? Accredited Investor Live Coaching CallYoutube Link -.  Keywords: when to invest in real estate,where to invest money in philippines,how to invest in real estate,where ordinary pinoy invest,best real estate investor,how to get started in real estate,real estate inves...

Private Money Lending Top Mistakes

Wednesday, January 01

Never buy a note on something you wouldn’t want to own. Consider the worse case scenario where if your borrower defaults you take it over. You might need to have a team there or some contacts local that you trust.If the loan goes into default, take action immediately start the timeline just l...