Posted over 2 years ago

​Why Real Estate Investors and Agent Should Help Their Peers Succeed

It’s important to create an atmosphere where your peers can succeed. Help them by creating an incubator type group.   A place to network, learn, and meet others in your industry. The goal is for everyone involved to flourish.

If you are a real estate investor, why not create a group with other real estate professionals. Help them succeed.  Help them with marketing campaigns to find direct sellers or buyer, help them structure deals, set up systems & processes or whatever it is that you can to provide value. If you are a real estate agent you can help other agents who might be struggling with marketing plans, finding more sellers and buyers, helping them with listing appointments.

I do believe that the more value you provide to others the more you will get in return. Think of your peers as allies and not competition. In return for helping people, you will probably get a lot of business from them and other people they know and work with. Maybe there’s a deal another investor has but doesn't know how to structure. They will look up to you for advice and might be an opportunity for you to work together. Maybe as a Realtor thereis another agent listing a house they are struggling to sell and they pass it on to you as a co-listing, or they come work on your team, etc...

Here are some examples of productive groups:

There’s a big home buying company I know and they created a wholesaling Meetup group. They did this as a way for wholesalers to bring them deals. They’re training wholesalers to find deals on a regular basis as well as marketing strategies, working with direct sellers to get properties under contract, etc.. Then in return (when needed) they can be the buyer or the co-wholesaler.

We do a Meetup group and it’s free ( We do it because if we help investors grow their business, we do more loans for them. Or maybe they have a great opportunity but they’re not exactly sure how to structure it, so we come in and do a joint venture with them.

You never know what’s going to happen, but I think it’s really important to continue to give back and grow your sphere of like minded people. Think of other investors and agents as allies and not competition. There’s a lot of business to be had and the more you give back to help, the more you will receive on the backend.