Tips For Executing On Any Project

Wednesday, June 19

Many people struggle to get projects done because they don't completely understand it. Take the time to completely wrap your brain around the project from start to finish, even if it takes longer to do so than the actual project.Imagining the project as a whole will help you complete the project ...

Easy Hacks To Create Productive Habits

Wednesday, June 12

Creating productive habits can help you get to the things you always mean to do but never quite get to. Use these hacks to create good habits and be more productive: Write down your tasks or even put them in the calendarCreate proactive, growth, money-making habitsCover your proactive tasks first...

Why The Best Real Estate Marketer Always Wins

Wednesday, May 22

In the real estate industry, it is not enough to be the best agent or investor in order to be successful. You need to be the best marketer. The better marketer will likely have more clients and opportunity than an investor or agent who doesn't have a big focus on marketing. You also need to take ...

My Favorite Money Rules from Ramit Sethi

Wednesday, May 15

Ramit Sethi put together some money rules that may be especially helpful to real estate investors.  Always have one year of cash available in your emergency fund.Save 10% and invest 20% minimum of your gross income.Pay cash for all large expenses.Put down a large lump sum when you buy your first ...

Do Real Estate Investors Need Real Estate Licenses?

Wednesday, May 08

Real estate investors do not currently need a real estate license and probably never will because they are not representing homeowners. There are, however, pros and cons to getting a license to sell real estate.ProsIf you find a deal you don't want to buy, you can sell the home or refer the homeo...

5 Highlights From The Third Door Book

Wednesday, May 01

Alex Banayan's The Third Door has many interesting takeaways that can help your business succeed. If you don't ask, you don't getMost things don't work outBe an intern for lifeDo your best and do things your styleCreate a mission and do whatever it takes to complete it