Celebrate Your Achievements

Wednesday, November 14

Many business owners are hard on themselves, focusing on mistakes rather than successes. While it's important to learn from your mistakes, you also need to celebrate your achievements.As soon as you achieve a new goal, take the team out to celebrate! It's beneficial to you and your team.

40-40-20 Rule for Finances

Friday, November 09

Make your money work for you with Grant Cordone's 40-40-20 rule for finances. This rules breaks down where each paycheck should go toward: 40% goes to savings and assets, 40% to taxes and 20% is for spending on day-to-day life. This formula may be difficult to follow but can lead to great wealth ...

The True Cost of Hard Money Loans

Wednesday, October 31

Hard money is not as expensive as many believe because they are generally short-term loans and the interest rates are annualized. That means a loan with a 13% annual interest rate on a 6 month project will only have a 6.5% interest rate.Hard money loans are best for quick deals, like real estate ...

3 Steps to Success in Real Estate Investing

Wednesday, October 24

Use these three steps to find success in the real estate investing business:1. Educate yourself by reading as much as you can about real estate investing as well as attending seminars on the topic.2. Shadow an investor to learn how the business works.3. Coaching, consulting and mentoring will go ...

My 3 Checklists for Success

Wednesday, October 17

Break up your tasks into three checklists: long-term, daily and hourly. Long-term tasks are those week or 2 week long projects. The tasks you have to do before you leave for the day go on the daily checklist. Add phone calls or emails to your hourly checklist. Breaking up your tasks makes it easi...

How We Learned Marketing

Wednesday, October 10

Chris and Jason got into marketing when they realized it was the only way to bring in clients and deals. After spending plenty of money on marketing, they found Russell Brunson. They followed what he does, and it worked with all of their companies! Find his free webinar here: https://hardmoneyban...