Your #1 Responsibility As A Real Estate Investor

Wednesday, October 16

Your number 1 responsibility as a real estate investor is to be out there every day finding deals. You can't wait for them to come to you and you can't make money if you don't have properties to invest in. You can market directly to sellers or find deals through real estate agents or MLS. You can...

The 4 Main Factors of Evaluating Properties

Wednesday, October 02

There are 4 factors you need to keep in mind when evaluating a potential property for your next real estate investing project. Use these factors to decide if a property is a profitable move or not. 1. Look at the comps2. Your experience level3. Third party opinions of the area from real estate ag...

Be Opportunistic in Real Estate Investing

Wednesday, September 25

Consistency is a great path to success for your business but it's not everything. Sometimes it is beneficial to take advantage of a new opportunity. This could mean anything from using a property manager for your rental properties when you never have before or breaking into a new branch of real e...

What are Your Goals for Your Rental Properties?

Wednesday, September 11

Rental properties are a great addition to your real estate investing portfolio because they can produce a large cash flow, which allows you to go out and buy more properties. This profit can be used with a variety of goals in mind. What are your goals for your rental properties?

Do You Know The Most Important Number In Real Estate?

Wednesday, September 04

The value of the property is the most important number in real estate, no matter what part of investing you're involved in. Don't depend on friends, family, sellers or even real estate agents to know the number, though you can use them for help. In order to know your exit price, you need access t...

5 Tips to Close on a Property Quickly

Wednesday, August 28

Many investors come across situations where they need to close on a property quickly. Use these 5 tips to close quickly no matter the reason:  1. Buy in cash or with a line of credit 2. Tap your relationships with hard money lenders 3. Tap a relationship with a partner like a friend or family mem...