Do Real Estate Investors Need Real Estate Licenses?

Wednesday, May 08

Real estate investors do not currently need a real estate license and probably never will because they are not representing homeowners. There are, however, pros and cons to getting a license to sell real estate.ProsIf you find a deal you don't want to buy, you can sell the home or refer the homeo...

5 Highlights From The Third Door Book

Wednesday, May 01

Alex Banayan's The Third Door has many interesting takeaways that can help your business succeed. If you don't ask, you don't getMost things don't work outBe an intern for lifeDo your best and do things your styleCreate a mission and do whatever it takes to complete it

Charge What You Want and What You're Worth

Wednesday, May 01

Don't settle for real estate investment deals that aren't turning the profit you want. If you are looking to make a certain profit, find a way to get that profit by charging what you want and what you're worth.If you want to make a $40,000 profit on your next deal, go find a deal that will bring ...

Good Deals Solve Most Problems

Wednesday, April 10

A good deal will solve most of your problems later on, no matter what type of real estate investing you work in. If you don't have a good deal, you're going to have trouble getting capital for it.Rental properties may not have sufficient cash flow if the property isn't a good deal, maybe even los...

Learn it and Do it Then Repeat it

Wednesday, April 03

Real estate investors need to be fully aware of the education and executions phases. These phases need balance, like a seesaw. You need to learn a little bit and then execute what you learned before you learn more in order to keep the seesaw balanced.When you learn and execute a little at a time ...

Easy and Simple Communication Hacks

Wednesday, March 20

Whether you're communicating with a client, employee, buyer, etc, break down what you're explaining into terms he or she can understand. You're already an expert but he or she may not be so you need to use easy-to-understand language.With good communication skills, your business will likely run m...